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You don't legally have to, but too many times parties exchange information, agree to handle things privately and then end up in court. What seems like minor damage susually costs much more than you'd think to repair. Often once the other party sees an estimate, they start balking and refuse to pay. At that point, the only way to recover damages is to sue them. It's a misconception that any accident will raise your insurance. Vehicle accidents should always be reported.

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Q: If there is only slight damage in an auto accident should you report it or not?
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How long after a minor auto accident do you have to file a auto accident report with the police when they did not come when we called at the time of the incident in Ohio?

It depends on what you define as "minor." I believe every state has a MINIMUM damage amount beyond which you MUST report the collision. Of course, if the accident resulted in personal injury NO MATTER HOW SLIGHT, it MUST be reported regardless of the damage amount. Some states have very low dollar threshhold set, so be certain to check your state's laws on this matter.

If you hit a post in a parking lot causing slight damage to your car should you report the accident to your insurance company and make a claim?

It might be cheaper in the long run to just take care of the problem yourself. If you report the damage, the insurance company may decide to raise your rates, maybe not this time, but certainly soon. Figure out what your deductable is versus how much it will cost to repair. If you have $500.00 deductible and it will only cost $600.00 to repair, I'd forget it.

How do you decide whether to report an accident and make an insurance claim?

If there is some damage to either vehicle. It's always wise to report it then because the other person you may have hit could come back on you and make things much more complicated than they were. If there was no damage done to either vehicle and the person wasn't that concerned, then I wouldn't bother. If it was a big enough bump to jar one or both of you report it even if the vehicles involved had only minor scratches or a slight dent. Marcy

What is the statute of limitations to report damage to a car in Michigan like a slight paint mist on a vehicle?

The time frame to report it to your insurance company will be specified in the policy. And to bring a civil suit, it will probably be two years.

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Do you have to use your insurance settlement to fix slight bumper damage?

No, you don' t have to fix it, but should you have another accident in the same area they will deduct this payment, and should your vehicle total, then again a percentage of this unrepaired prior damage will come off the value of your vehicle. If this is first party claim, and a lien holder is on the vehicle then you may have to get their signature (and in most cases), they will require you to apply it to your loan.

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