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If it is gone you need to find it. If it is still inside the female she will get an infection and very sick. Air bubbles are not uncommon when you put a condom on or as friction starts going. It means it came off sometime during the deed. Find it soon. Careful analysis [several times] of answer 1 and the question, suggests that its author MISUNDERSTOOD the QUESTION, and thus was answering as if the question were "If a condom is missing after intercourse...?" The following points relate to the "missing AIR BUBBLE" from the tip of the condom, and not a missing condom. 1. Although not probable, it is possible that the disappearance of the air bubble is the result of an opening [pinhole or tear] in the condom. 2. The DISAPPEARANCE of the air bubble described at the tip of the condom is PROBABLY the result of the air working out around the penis during intercourse. 3. You do NOT "need to find it" as answer 1 suggests, as that air is impossible to find or retrieve. 4. The statement, "If it is still inside the female" she will "get an infection," and "make her very sick" is accurate IF the subject is a condom in the vagina, but if the subject is AIR then there is no hazard. 5. The absence of the AIR BUBBLE does not indicate that the condom "came off sometime during the deed."j3h. I personally find this answer an honest one and it's coming from someone with little experience, but at least they had the sense to use a condom. The proper way to use a condom is to always check the expiration date on the side of the box (it will say "best before _____" and if you have gone past that date then get a fresh box of condoms or just a couple if that's all you feel you'll need. Be sure you get the right sized condom! Once you take the condom out of the sealed package you should gently stretch it, then blow in it to be sure there are no leaks. You should roll the condom gently leaving a bit at the end (at the bottom of your penis) and then roll the rest up to the end of the penis (near the crotch area.) The end of the condom is suppose for semen and thus, you probably think the end of it has disappeared when, in fact, it's full of semen. Marcy

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