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either faulty thermostat not opening soon enuff, or wrong temperature thermostat still not opening soon enuff

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When is it spring in the US?

whenit is cold

Does a horse startwindsucking whenit is bored in it's stall?


What happens if a bunny twitches?

What kind of twitching is your bunny doing? Is it scared whenit does it?

How do you tell morning from night in Pokemon emerald?

whenit is night in real life it can tell

When do tadpoles start to breathe air?

Usually whenit turns into a full grown frog.

Does a glacier deposit sediment when it freezes?

Doesa glacier deposit sediment whenit freezes

You have a Remington model 12 serial num ber392217 you would like to know whenit was made?


Why did the hermit crab squirt out fluid after losing its leg?

because it has crab juice n whenit does it squirts it.

When it goes fast you cant see it whenit goes slowly we cant see what it is?

It is a dirt bike

How do you get 2012 drivers on 2011 formula 1 game?

you cant you buy the new one whenit comes out

What does a shiny look like when battling?

It is always a different color, and whenit comes out of its pokeball it will sparkle (a ring of sparkles)

Does a tree release co2 whenit is cut down?

No it has to be connected to its roots to go through photosynthesis thus producing CO2

Whenit rains hard what animals is it said to rain?

Cats and dogs. (In Sweedish it rains "small nails" - not animals at all!)

Light rays passing towards the normal and whenit exit it passes away from the normal please explain me?

refractiion of lightthrough the equiconcave lens

Why is it easier to lift an object that is underwater than it is to live the object whenit is out of the water?

the water provides a bouyant force proportional to the volume of water displaced.

What famous author was caught palgiarizing?

as a specialist in your field/major, what are some of the most significant issues you may face whenit comes to property your intellectual property?

A rock formed from liquid magma at temperatures above 1000 degrees celsius and then cooled and hardened what type of rock is it?

Its a igneous rock whenit is made formed by magma.

What do first offender mean. If you are under first offender are you a convicted felon?

i wanted to know do i put yes or no whenit ask if im a convicted felon and i fall under the first offender law

What does a guinea pig look like whenit is born?

Just like a miniture adult. Unlike many other rodents they're born with fur, with their eyes open and they can walk and hop perfectly fine.

How old is krillin in Dragon Ball Z Kai?

since in dragonball you find out krillin is 1 year older than goku, he is 31 whenit starts, and on the nicktoons version he is now 32 and 2 months

Buy a Refurb Apple Computer only from an Apple Dealer?

Apple technicians rebuild Apple products with Apple parts. The Apple Refurbs are many times better than the original product whenit wa

Do sea sponges lay eggs?

No...they bud.which is whenit grows a a section out of the body and then it breaks off. the tides takes it away and it attaches to things like reefs and rocks and grows to normal size and repeats the process itself

Which DSL provider is the speediest whenit comes to gaming?

Most DSL providers offer at least two levels of service. The speed with regard to gaming has more to do with your computer's processor as well as the servers through which the gaming is run.

1995 Mercury Cougar XR7 transmission fluid type?

you have to run a mercon 5 fluid or compatiable. If you run regualar mercon in it you will have a transmission chater whenit shifts into overdrive. Make sure you drain your tork converter too.

What happens to chemical potential energy whenit is consumed?

It's never "consumed". It is converted into other forms of energy ... and at each conversion some is converted into heat. Sooner or later (with each conversion) it all turns into heat energy.