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The opposites sides always add up to 7. So: * If 1 is on top, 6 is on the bottom * If 2 is on top, 5 is on the bottom. * If 3 is on top, 4 is on the bottom. * If 4 is on top, 3 is on the bottom * If 5 is on top, 2 is on the bottom. * If 6 is on top, 1 is on the bottom.

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What is the ventral side of the earthworm?

the bottom side the bottom side the bottom side

Where is the serial number on the model 11?

It will be on the receiver side or bottom

What is A representation of an object showing three views top front and side.?

They are the plan and two elevations.

Where would three tenths go on a number line?

Three tenths would go be side the number three

How do you divide a triangle into three equal parts?

trisect the bottom side, and draw two lines from the top vertex to the bottom.

What does the number on the bottom right side of a Zippo mean or stand for?

its the year it was made

Where do you find a serial number on a side by side shotgun?

Take the forearm off, it's usually on the bottom of the barrels.

What does it mean when my Gourami is lying on it's side on bottom of the tank for three days now?

its dead

How many side does cylinder have?

Three. Two circles, top and bottom, and a rolled up rectangle.

What are all of the moon phases and what they look like?

New Moon -All dark, no moon showing Waxing Crescent -1/4 of the right side of the moon is showing First Quarter -1/2 of the right side of the moon is showing Waxing Gibbous -3/4 of the right side of the moon is showing Full -all the the moon is showing Waning Gibbous -3/4 of the left side of the moon is showing Third Quarter -1/2 of the left side of the moon is showing Waning Crescent -1/4 of the left side of the moon is showing

Where is the part number on a ford explorer transmission?

its on the bottom left side on the transmission. your welcome!

How many number of sides does one cube have?

One single cube has six has a top side, bottom side, left side, right side, front side and back side.

Where is the engine number on a Lexus is200?

It is found on the rear left bottom side, just beside the bell housing, it is written from bottom to top.

Where is the starter located on a 1993 Dodge Intrepid?

It is towards the bottom of the motor on driver's side. three bolts on the starter on and also a clip/connect. It is best to raise/jack the car on driver's side to remove from bottom.

How do you figure out the reciprocal of a whole number and a fraction?

First take the bottom number times the side number and then add your answer to the top number. Then flip it and that's the reciprocal

Where is the serial number located on a Winchester 20 gauge shotgun?

On the bottom side near the triger

What is the answer to number 24 on impossible quiz?

Click the V in the word "Lives" on the bottom left side.

Where do you find The book's call number?

On the bottom left side of the book, under the sideways title.

On the coil packs left side top to bottom what is the firing number also the right side top to bottom?

Go to your local library and find the service manual; that is why you replace 1 plug at a time

How do you find the VIN number on a 2002 Ford Escape XLS?

You can open the drivers door and on the latching pillar is a sticker that showsthe VIN or you can look from outside through the windshield and at the bottomof the windshield on the drivers side on the top of the dash is a metal plateshowing the VIN

What is the brown bottle I found with A. C. Barnes stamped on the bottom?

Is it square with one side round. Does it have a number on the bottom. What is the height and color.

What are The three main types of light bulbs?

What are the three types of light bulbs shown? The three types of light bulbs show is the bottom top and the side so then you can see it

What shape has 3 sides?

A:isoselesscaleneequilateralB:A perfect Cylinder has only a Top-side, a bottom-side and a surrounding side, therefore it counts to three.

How do you solve diamond problems that includes fractions?

Diamond problems are easy! The top number of the diamond is the product of the 2 numbers on the side (multiply). The number on the bottom is the sum of the 2 numbers on the side (add) Remember when adding fractions, you need a common denominator first. Some teachers make the problems trickier, buy only putting the bottom and 1 side number. You can get the other side number by working backwards! (The opposite of adding is subtracting)

Where do you find the dell inspiron mini 10 serial number?

On the bottom left side there is a sticker with the info.

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