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Quit sitting around and moping and letting him think he has control over the situation. You are ex's and that means both of you are free to date whomever you want so do it! Don't be afraid to date some nice guys and see what is out there. You might just find your ex wasn't all he said he was cracked up to be. Take the control from him! Get up, get going, go out with friends and start dating. If he's just simply procrastinator then he may comes around, but don't waste your life on "what ifs." Good luck!


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The biggest complication is that, suppose you and your friend do begin a romantic relationship, and then something happens within that relationship (i.e. a fight or nasty breakup), there's a large chance that the friendship will end at the same time as the relationship.

what are the chances you will breakup once you are truthfull about telling your boyfreind you cheated

As much as you don't want to hear it, you do the best thing you can for yourself. You get out with friends, you don't focus on 'what might have been' that never was, you realize that the relationship wasn't working and that it was healthier for both of you to breakup than for anyone to stay in a relationship where they may become angry or bitter towards a partner. There are a lot worse things that occur in relationships than break ups. Many people have had the same feelings for an ex. It's often more about desiring the potential you believe the person has, that somehow a second chance relationship will resolve all the problems that caused the initial breakup. But unless *both* people truly want to be together and have resolved the issues from the previous relationship, history will repeat itself.

It's more of a 50/50 chance, depending on the situation and the reason for the breakup. There is always a good chance they will but also a good chance they wont.

Ask her to give you a chance and don't act perverted. My one exboyfriend is like that and it really creeps me out, so try not to be too weird lol But seriously, just ask her to give you a chance and try not to creep her out =)

Settle your relationship after a breakup... Well, it depends on your ex & the relationship they want to have with you after the breakup. Most likely it depends on your age, the circumstances, & how often you'll see each other. Usually, the younger you are, the more likely you are to have a less chance of being friends & having the relations with the person. If your ex suffered "heartbreak" from you, there's probably not a good chance of a friendship. The older you get, though, most likely you'll have a good friendship with the person afterwards. Just, if you caused the relationship to end, be gentle, give it time, & always be very considerate of their feelings. Don't be blunt and ask straight out if you'll have a future as friends, it's kind of creepy... Just assume, give casual calls/texts (but not stalkerish), and give it a couple weeks after a break up. Sometimes it's better to be friends with someone then it is to actually "be" in a committed romantic relationship. Hope this helps!

Yes everybody deserves a second chance :) x

I think the chance is probably a 50 50 it depends on who the other person is.

Without knowing the circumstance of what caused the breakup to begin with all that can be offered is that the happier you are the better chance you have in all relationships.

50/50 some 25 year olds have no taste in choosing dates (weirdos!!) believe me if ur 25 or under and u are in relationship with a 50+ year old dump them their f***in old!!

I do believe it's 'manawa'. :)

Well there is nothing you can do about it in this situation. You could probably try to sweet talk him if you know what I mean to try and get him to give you another chance but he probably won't fall for it.

No, not at this time he is in a relationship - it is best to move on.

The same way you get started in any other relationship. By chance, dating site, an introduction etc.

Nick broke up with Miley, then he felt sorry for her because she was so upset so he decided to give her another chance. Just as he was going to break up with her again she found out that he was going to dump her so she dumped him first and he was cool about it.

Yes they are in love - you can obviosly tell they are. In season 3 of Sonny With a Chance I think that Chad sings a song to Sonny to say he is sorry for what he did and she forgives him and they get back together after their breakup :-) GO CHANNY! x

Believe It or Not - 1949 Wheels of Chance 2-4 was released on: USA: 1 February 1950 depends on the sincerity and loyalty of the couple...

No, but they did on their tv show Sonny with a chance.

COINCIDENCE - a chance relationship between dissimilar events or circumstances

A relationships is really over when you are both comfortable with the decision. Feelings of hurt and rejection will linger long (depending of seriousness of relationship) after the breakup, however, when you are both satisfied that there is no 'what if...', then this gives the both of you a chance to move on. If one of you is still hanging on to future possibilities, it makes it very difficult to close the door. Just remember, you broke up for a reason. Remember why you broke up in the first place before exploring 'what if...'.

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