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If 3 tests out of six say you are pregnant then you are pregnant. You can get a false positive but not three out of six. Also, if you are taking Birth Control, check with your doctor because some (not all) birth controls have the pregnancy hormone in them which can cause a false poitive.

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Q: If three out of six EPT results are positive is it likely you are pregnant?
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Can you be pregnant if your urine test is positive and you had a miscarriage three months ago?

If the test was positive then you will be pregnant

Could you be pregnant after 3 home pregnancy tests were positive after reading results at 3 minutes?

yes if three came up that quick you are pregnant...congrats and God Bless...

You had a very faint positive pregnancy test 7 days prior to your period and have tested 3 times since and they have all produced negative results so is it possible you are pregnant?

well i have three kids and most likely you are not pregnant the line is usally very clear keep trying good luck well i have three kids and most likely you are not pregnant the line is usally very clear keep trying good luck

You had three home pregnancy test and they came out positive are you pregnant?

yes :]

I am three months late i have all pregnancy symptoms an One faint positive ept test but many negative generic pregnancy tests that claim to be 98.9 effective i am getting could i still be pregnant?

It is more likely for you ro get a false negative than a false positive. In other words, if you get a negative on a test, you could still be pregnant, if you get a positive test, you are almost 100% pregnant. Positive pregnancies are rarely wrong.

Am i definetely pregnant if my period is three weeks late and a pregnancy test is positive?


You have done 3 pregnancy tests which resulted a light positive result all three times you went to the doctor who done another pregnancy test which came out pregnant Are you pregnant?

Well, It is most likely that you are pregnant. Since you DID do the test 3 times and even seeked help from a professional (doctor). Which ALL say you are pregnant.

If you take 3 pregnancy tests that say positive after your a week late and three days later you get your period were you pregnant?

...NO! you do not have a period if you are pregnant

Could you get pregnant having the IUD in for almost 2yrs?

Not likely but yes. My sister got pregnant with the IUD in and she had had it for over three years.

You took 3 pregnancy test all were positive are you pregnant?

If you took three tests and they were all positive, YES!! I think you can rule out a malfunctioning test when three tell you the same thing. Congratulations!!

I have had three Positive Urine Pregnancy Tests. Could this mean I am truly pregnant?

yes it could

Will HTP show negative when you are three months pregnant?

An HTP should still be positive at 3 months

Can you tell you are pregnant at three weeks' I am fourteen?

Not likely. If it so happens that your not pregnant put a dime between your legs next time...

What appears on a quickvue hcg test when it is positive?

Perform the Quickvue pregnancy test as directed. Place at least three drops of urine on the test strip to achieve a result.Wait three minutes for result of test. The results can begin to show before the three-minute period. Readings taken after three minutes may not be accurate. For example, if your test is positive at three minutes and you leave the test sitting out, it may indicate a negative result after ten minutes. The reading at the three-minute mark is the correct reading.Interpret the results as positive if you see a pinkish to purple line next to the letter T in the results window and you find a blue line next to the letter C in the results window. Two separate lines should appear to confirm you are pregnant.Find a negative result if a blue line appears next to the letter C and no line appears next to the letter T in the results window. If this result occurs, it is unlikely that you are pregnant.Receive an inconclusive result if the blue control line does not appear next to the letter C. You should retake the test using a different test kit.

Can a woman feel that she is pregnant within 3 weeks?

yes!! i found out i was pregnant at three weeks. I just felt different and sure enough i got a faint positive.

What are the three groups of people who are likely to be ill as a result of food poisoning?

The elderly pregnant women babies

You took a pregnancy test one was positive and three were negative could you be pregnant?

Possibly. I would go and see your doctor

What could be wrong if you have not had your period in three months?

You could likely be pregnant or some other medical condition. Get it checked out.

What are the symptoms of being three weeks pregnant?

Exhausted Headaches Dizziness Missed period Positive pregnancy test Feeling sick

Over a month late took three pregnancy test two were positive and one was negative can i be pregnant?

Maybe... be more desciptive

Can you be pregnant if you had a period for three days?

Yes go take a pregnancy test or go to Planned Parenthood for them to give you a test to be positive.

What does it mean when you take three pregnancy test in a dream and they are all positive?

It's telling you that you're pregnant. I've had dreams similar to that.

Is it possible to have more than three negative tests and still be pregnant?

Yes, because some will not test positive to a urine test due to the lack of progesterone. They can get more accurate results by taking a blood test. Also some of the home pregnancy tests are not reliable. Yes it is I took 4 and had a period every month and was 4 months pregnant.

If you took a pregnancy test before my period and it came positive but i got my period three weeks after am i pregnant?

You need to take another test ASAP as you may in fact not be pregnant. You could have experienced what's called a "chemical pregnancy", meaning you've essentially had an extremely early miscarriage. Had you not tested when you did, you probably would not have ever known. It's more likely to get a false negative than a false positive, so retest.

How likely are you to get pregnant if your partner pulls out and you haven't had a period in three months and a pregnancy test came back negative?

The pull out method results in Sperm being released into the Vagina - so pregnancy can occur in this situation. If you suspect your pregnant, wait 2 weeks and perform a urine pregnancy test or alternatively see your Doctor for a blood test.