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Obviously it sounds as if you realize your buddies can be pranksters at times. The way you can prove this one way or the other is by being where this girl is and start talking to her. You'll know if she likes you or not. If she does ask her out!

Good luck

I'd say yes most times. yea sometimes we guys will do that, but if your truly worried about that, then try to find the guy and study his face. You'll see the truth. But most the time when that happens the guy is too shy to do it himself. so when you think it is a prank, he thinks your blowing him off. so if you like the guy say yes. it can't hurt you!

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What should a girl do if she likes two guys but does not know who she likes more?

I think you should depend it on how your relationship is in the friend zone with them. Which is nicer for example...

Your best friend likes the girl you like and you know he does but he doesn't know you do what should you do?

Talk to him about it. Why should a girl break up a friendship of two guys?

Who is this Kayla girl?

Kayla is an amzing girl! she sings like heck! and likes these guys.... u should def talk to her! she rocks!

Do black girls like all white guys?

It depends on the girl, and no girl likes ALL guys.

How do guys try to help his guy friend with a girl his friend likes?

tell him to ask the girl if she likes him

Does a Leo man tease the girl he likes?

most guys tease the girl he likes, so probably

Why is it so hard for guys to get the hint that a girl likes them?

Guys find it hard to get the hint that a girl likes them because they may not know how to read body language.

What is Harry Styles type of girl?

he likes guys

What does it mean if a girl is gay for guys?

It's a silly expression that means she likes guys.

Your friend talks about a girl a lot does that means he likes her?

possibly. I know a lot of guys who talk about the girl he likes constantly

What do guys want a girl to do after the girl tells the guy that she likes him?

It depends whether or not the guy likes the girl. Assuming he does, he wants the girl to...... well, he doesn't really care what she does, he's just happy the girl likes him.

Why do girls ignore guys?

It depends what personality the girl likes.

What does it mean if a guys tells a girl she is gorgeous?

He likes your looks.

Do popular guys flirt with common girl in front of another common girl he likes?

No :)

How would a boy act if he likes a girl who also likes him and they are both in 7th grade?

Depends on the guy. Some guys would ask the girl out. Some guys wouldn't do anything. Sorry, but middle school guys can be unpredictable.

How will a guy show you he likes you?

There are few guys who are quite reserved, on the other side they are guys who are very outspoken. If the guy is outspoken and he likes the girl, some how the other he express his feelings to the girl. If, the guy is reserved and likes the girl it becomes very difficult for him to express his feeling.

Do guys get annoyed when they hear a girl likes them?

if they hate the girl, then yeah. but if they are obsessed with the girl, they will be extremely happy

How do guys act when they know a girl likes them?

guys act kind of shy, he might not talk to the girl, but if nobody sees him , he might give u a quick smile and as well you know he likes you!!!

How to find out if a guy likes you but he flirts with girls?

well guys do that because they don't know how to act with a girl they find attractive. they act like that alot but mostly guys will pick on the girl he likes

If a guy flurts with other girls and says he likes you is he telling the truth?

first all of its spelt flirts... and of course he like you the guys is just iteracted with other girls.. if he says he likes you you should believe hime and maybe you guys can go out!

How to win the girl when she likes two guys?

Alot of the time when a girl is playing 2 guys at once, is not even worth going for... Remember that.

Are guys jerks to girls they like?

Usually if a girl likes a boy or a boy likes a girl when they are 7 or 8 they will be mean to each other.

What does it mean if a girl 's friend says for her to ask you out?

It means she likes you and you should ask her out. Girls like it when guys ask them out, not when they have to ask the guys out, so her friend told you and you should act on it, unless you're not into her.

Why would guys want to pay for a girl?

It's being polite and the guy likes the girl.

What sign can a girl give a guys that she likes him?

talk to him. get your flirt on lol

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