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If you suspect that you may be pregnant and are having these symptoms go to your doctor and ask them to have a blood test done sooner is better then later because if you are pregnant you can start your prenatal care to be sure that you have the healthiest pregnancy and best experience possible hope this helps, Good Luck and God Bless!

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Q: If two home pregnancy tests are negative but you have puffy and darkening nipples fatigue and sickness should you get a blood test done and if so how soon?
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What the semptoms of being pregnant?

-Implantation Bleeding (Spotting) -Delay or a Difference in Menstruation -Swollen and/or Tender Breasts -Fatigue/Tiredness -Nausea/Morning Sickness -Backaches -Headaches -Frequent Urination -Darkening of Areolas -Food Cravings These are the most common symptoms of pregnancy.

Do you get symptoms before pregnancy?

There is actually a lot ofsymptoms of pregnancy. Keep in mind pregnancy symptoms differ from women to women and pregnancy to pregnancy. Symptoms include: Missed Menstrual cycle, Implantation bleeding, Delay/Difference in Menstruation, Swollen/Tender Breasts, Fatigue/Tiredness, Nausea/Morning Sickness, Backaches, Headaches, Frequent Urination, Darkening of Areolas, and Food Cravings. And dont forget! Use a PurpleCondom! :]

What are the symptoms in the different stages of pregnancy?

Some symptoms that a person will experience during different stages of pregnancy are swollen feet, cravings, morning sickness, fatigue, and the movements of the baby.

What are all the early signs of pregnancy?

they vary depending on the person and depending how pregnant you are.missing your period and breast tenderness were the first symptoms I experienced. Then I was onto morning sickness (should be called all-day-and-night sickness)Then there are food cravings, darkening of the nipples, frequent urination, fatigue, headaches?But again, this varies from person to person. Some of the lucky ones don't get many symptoms at all!missed period, fatigue, frequent urinationFeeling tired, nauseated, tender breasts, increased appetite, etc.

Early pregnancy signs?

Missed Period, Breast Tenderness, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Nausea, Dizziness and/or Fainting, Food Cravings, or Aversions to Foods, Morning Sickness, A Positive Pregnancy Test :)

What are pregnancy signs?

One of the main symptoms of pregnancy is a late menstrual cycle. Some other symptoms of pregnancy are nausea/morning sickness, swollen or tender breasts, and fatigue. For more information on signs of pregnancy go to

What are some of the pregnancy symptoms to look out for?

Every woman is different so pregnancy symptoms vary among people. Some things to look out for are spotting, cramping, breast changes, fatigue, and morning sickness.

My period is 3 weeks late I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative then I took another one 3 days later and it came out positive I have had some morning sickness and fatigue am I pregnant?

It would seem so. Home pregnancy tests aren't 100% accurate, though, so I would go to the doctor's.

Symptoms if u pregnant?

Light spotting and cramping, sore breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, a missed period, and mood swings are all signs of pregnancy.

What are the symptoms if 6 weeks pregnant?

There can be many symptoms , through out your pregnancy if you are 6 weeks than this means that you are a month and two weeks.Some symptoms may be....Nausea and morning sicknessFood cravings and food aversionsExtreme fatigueTender, tingling, aching breastsDarkening of the aureole (areas around your nipples)Frequent need to urinate.

What are common pregnancy symptoms?

A missed period, implantation bleeding, morning sickness and cramping are all common pregnancy symptoms. Many women also experience back pains, sore breasts and fatigue. Morning sickness, or feeling nauseous, is often one of the first symptoms a woman will experience.

What are early signs of pregnancy?

The early signs of pregnancy do in fact include morning sickness. However, the early signs of pregnancy may also include such things as nausea, shortness of breath, fatigue, strange cravings, sensitive to certain odors, and physical changes.

Systems of being pregnant?

do u mean symptoms? and if u do, most of the symptoms relating to pregnancy r: implantation bleeding, delay/difference with your period, swollen/tender breasts, fatigue/tiredness, nausea/morning sickness, backches, headaches, frequent urination, darkening of your areolas otherwise known as the skin around your nipples, food cravings, and weight gain. hope that helps

What are pregnant symptoms?

Fatigue,morning sickness and missed period

What are the first symptoms of a pregancy?

symptoms for pregnancy can be different. The first one is missing or delayed your monthly menstrual cycle. Implantation bleeding occurs 6-12 days after conception and can cause spotting and cramping. It is when embryo puts itself on uterine wall. Most commonly fatigue, swollen or tender breast, morning sickness, frequent urination, backaches, headaches, food cravings and darkening of Areolas.

Is there women who don't vomit during pregnancy?

Vomiting can be some of the first indications that you're pregnant. Generally it occurs in Morning sickness if you are pregnant. Even you may notice some subtle signs of pregnancy -- fatigue, nausea, frequent urination, and breast tenderness. These are expert symptoms if you're trying to get pregnant.For more Details contact to

Is fatigue nausea and burning sensitive nipples a sign of pregnancy even with 3 negative tests?

It could be that the hormone isn't showing up yet.

Do you start to have fatigue in your first month of pregnancy?

I had no fatigue with my first. I was constantly tired for the whole first trimester with my second. Only slight fatigue with my third. It totally depends every pregnancy is different

What is a feeling of tiredness that indicates pregnancy?


What are the symtopms of pregnancy?

Usual signs of pregnancy are: Morning Sickness Cramping Spotting Fatigue Need to pee frequently Most common sign would be missing a period. But every pregnancy is different as some people can go through out their whole pregnancy with their period and some don't show any symptoms at all. If you are pregnant, good luck:)

Pregnant Symptoms?

Pregnancy can be an exciting and scary thing. It is a life changing event that brings years and years of joy. Not know the symptoms of pregnancy can make it even scarier. Below are some common symptoms of pregnancy that you may or may not experience. Keep in mind that everyone is different and not all women will experience the same symptoms. Missed or Delayed Menstrual Cycle One of the most common symptoms of pregnancy is a missed menstrual cycle. Although not every pregnant woman misses cycles when pregnant, the majority of the population does. Once a woman has become pregnant. she should miss her next menstrual cycle, however, many women do spot or bleed while pregnant. Fatigue/Tiredness Many women experience fatigue and tiredness in the beginning of pregnancy. This can occur as early as the second week of implantation. The body seems to go into overdrive while the implantation process is taking place. Nausea or Morning Sickness Aside from a missed menstrual cycle, nausea or morning sickness is the most common sign of pregnancy. Morning sickness can start as early as the 4th week of pregnancy. Some women are fortunate enough to not have any sickness at all, while others can experience it for the entire duration of the pregnancy. Frequent Urination During pregnancy, the expanding uterus puts more pressure on the bladder, therefore causing more frequent urination. This typically starts in the early weeks of pregnancy and will subside in the middle and then likely return towards the end. Headaches Due to the rise of the hormones during pregnancy, some women experience mild headaches. This symptom can also be temporary, or can last throughout the pregnancy. They will typically subside after delivery if they persist the entire pregnancy. Darkening of the Areola The hormones that produce during pregnancy causes a darkening of the areola on the breast. This will typically go away one you have delivered the child. Food Cravings Some women have severe food cravings during the entire pregnancy. Foods that you may have never liked may suddenly be appealing to you.

What are pregnancy symtems?

Missed PeriodJust "Feeling" PregnantBreast TendernessFatigueFrequent UrinationNauseaDizziness and/or FaintingFood Cravings, or Aversions to FoodsMorning SicknessSensitivity to Aromas

What symptoms should you look for if you think you may be pregnant?

Every pregnancy is different, but the most common signs are missed period, sore, tender breasts, fatigue, morning sickness, urinating ALL the time.

What if you have negative results but still have pregnancy symptoms?

I'm the one who posted this question me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex last month it's been almost right at a month and I took home pregnancy tests and they were negative. I have all the symptom's though the fatigue, breast tenderness, I had spotting I know it was that because it was brown. So could I be pregnant even with negative results from home pregnancy tests?

When should a pregnant woman start feeling fatigue?

Not every pregnancy is alike, because everyone is different. Fatigue is not promised, however it can start as soon as the egg has been fertilized. For me, I was asleep from the third week of pregnancy to the end with my first child. And my third pregnancy, I was never fatigue.