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Yes, they do get on well.

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What does it mean when two horses are nibbling on each other?

When two horses are nibbling on each other, it's a sign of mutual affection.

If two horses are nibbling on each other will they get along well?

Yes, these two horses will likely get along with each other. The nibbling is mutual grooming, which is used between horses to say "we are friends".

Are horses that are nibbling on each other getting along?

When a horses is nibling on another horse is a sighn of friendship. if the horse was nibbling in a mean way, the other horse would kick or somthing. this nibbling act is a way of grooming eachother. -georgia head horse administrator

When two horses are nibbling at each other what does that mean?

They're not nibbling: they're grooming each other. Grooming is one of the social bonds that horses use to become and stay friends. Horses are social animals.

Do two horse nibbling on each other get well on?

Yes, horses nibble to show affection to other horses, but this can also be a sign of dislike to other horses. Watch to see if the nibbling escalates to hard biting with the ears laid back flat. This means dislike. If the nibbling stays nibbling that is ok.

Do two horses nibbling each other get on well?

horses usually nibble each other as refering to cleaning and playing. So yes they do get a long

Do two horses nibbling each other do they get on well?

no they could just be showing affection in a horsy kinda way LOL!

If two horses are nibbling at each other will they get on well?

Yes, There getting along great when they do that, When they nibble they are grooming eachother. Kinda like saying "Hey, whats up? Where have you been? I'v missed you!!"

Do horses get along when they nibble on each other?

Horses will groom each other if they get along. This action looks alot like nibbling, but they don't do it to be mean. However, a horse who goes to nibble at the behind of another passing horse probably does not get along with that horse too well.

When two horses nibling each other means they get along well?

Yes, nibbling between horses indicates they like each other, however, sometimes a nibble isn't a nibble, it is a test of dominance. So if it goes to biting, keep an eye on them, and separate if needed.

What does it mean if two horses are nibble each other?

It depends on where and how they are nibbling. If it is more of a nipping on the hind region, it is a gentle reminder of dominance. If they are standing nibbling, especially in the mane area, it is a calming and bonding act. If your horse is ever stressed try "nibbling" with your fingers right at the base of the mane about mid neck. It should calm them down if they are bonded to you.

Do horses nibbling on each other get on well?

horses nibble each other as a form of bonding it is called grooming.if they have there ears back whilst doing it then they may be being aggressive but if they are just standing in the field biting each others shoulders or manes then this is grooming and yes it does mean they get on. It's just like when people need their back scratched or massaged.

Does horses nibbling each other mean the like each other?

Yes Yes. Horses will nibble on one another if they are friends. Their favorite place to nibble is along the top of the neck and on the face or chest. They can be very playful and affectionate with one another and often give little "love nips", without hurting one another.

How do horses call each other?

Horses call to each other with a whinney.

What causes horses to eat each other?

Horses dont eat each other they are vegetarians

Did hardrada fight with horses?

Horses chase each other when they get upset and then they start kicking each other.

Why do goats eat each others hair?

They may be lacking in fibre - or they may just be grooming each other, nibbling at an itchy spot.

Will horses that are chewing on each other get along well?

horses chewing on each other are often just grooming each other and if they are just grooming each other they should get along fine

Why do horses groom each other?

Horses groom each other as a sign of friendship, it is something their ansesters have always done.

Do two horses nibbling on each other get along?

Well it depends.If they're adult horses,then they are probably fighting to figure out who will be the leader,if so just let them figure it out,they'll learn to get along in time.If they are fillies(or colts) then they are just playing so don't worry about it.So to answer your question, yes they will get along eventually. The above answer is both right and wrong... Adult horses do nible on each other, yes this is a sign of acceptance or friendship. Not all horse will always get along either, Fillies and colts do nible each other and often adult horses too. They nible the adults to test boundaries.... In other words: To see what they can and can't get away with! This is called mutual grooming when horses are in the wild they don't have anyone else to groom them o they groom each other !!! but this could be a sign of aggression in horses who you know don't get on well usually

How do horses groom each other?

Horses groom each other by standing head to tail and using their teeth to nibble at the skin of their "partner."

What are the release dates for Horses Eat Each Other - 2010?

Horses Eat Each Other - 2010 was released on: USA: 2010

Survival facts about horses?

horses survive in the wild by looking after each other

What horses can breed with Arabians?

All horses can cross breed with each other.

What does horses stand for?

horses stand head to tail to itch each other.