If two people are in love does that mean that each will want daily contact of some sort or is that excessive and what if one wants it but the other says he is too busy?

The most healthy relationships are ones that each mate has their own hobbies, they get out with friends on occasion and are independent. Of course you want to spend time together, but that doesn't mean both should be fused at the hip for eternity. It's good for the girl to go out with her girlfriends and to have enough trust in each other where the guy can go out with his buddies or on a mini trip with his friends. If someone is going to cheat on you they'll do it anyway. That's the way I dealt with boyfriends. I lost some, and I won some. The ones I lost weren't worth it anyway. Now I have met and married my husband of 33 years. He has women friends from long ago and I've met them, and I have male friends that he's met. We both communicate a lot. When he gets home from work we sit down and talk for an hour. Sometimes he wants to do his thing or I want to do mine and we have the understanding and time to do it. That's healthy! Good luck Marcy