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In all likelihood, yes. The law would presume that the person who was supposedly misled would have enough sense to realize that people do not break into their own homes. The prosecutor would however take all the evidence into consideration before deciding to file any charges.

2006-08-14 19:16:36
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What do you do if someone will not give you mail unless you give that person money?

That person can be prosecuted, or have charged pressed against them. If they do not give you the mail that belongs to you.

Why cant a person living in Ohio be buried in the state of New York?

Yes but if you are caught, you will be charged with murder if the person dies in the grave.

Can a person be charged if not the one who is in possession?

yes, for example:If to people are in a car and one person is in possession, then you will both be charged.

What can happen if you dump or abandon an animal on side of road?

If an animal is dumped or abandoned on the side of the road and the person is caught doing it, they can be charged with a crime. If the person is not caught, the animal will most likely die from starvation or be run over.

How many year do you sever if your caught with a firearm in mn?

This depends on the exact charges brought, and the prior record of the person charged.

What does smuggle?

To smuggle is to bring a person/in legal contraband into another country/ state/ city. If you are caught, you can be charged with smuggling and/ or inlegal contraband.

What will happen if someone is caught with illegal snakes?

Typically, the animals would be confiscated and the person would be charged criminally. Unless there were more serious issues, possession of an illegal pet is normally a misdemeanor, and the person would be charged with a short jail sentence or a fine or both.

What is an accused?

A person or group of people who are being charged with trial for a believed crime.

What is statute of limitations on purchasing narcotics in florida?

The purchasing of narcotics is an offense that must be CIA (Caught in Act). If a person is not caught in the act of purchasing narcotics then they cannot be charged with it. However, you can still easily be charged with possession of narcotics. The only exception is if a police sting captures a person(s) purchasing narcotics on tape, in which case they may wait until the operation is complete to arrest.

Is the word we a third person plural pronoun?

The three grammatical persons are:the person speaking (singular), or a group to which that person belongs (plural)the person (singular) or group of people (plural) being spoken tosome other person/thing (singular) or people/things (plural)The person saying the pronoun "we" is referring to a group to which he himself or she herself belongs, so it's first person plural.

Is people's a word?

Yes. It is the plural possessive of "person". Multiple persons are called people. Something that belongs to the people is the "people's".

Where do men get caught cheating with most?

It's difficult to say where most men get caught cheating. In fact, most people who cheat are never caught. Those that are caught are often caught after being seen in public with the other person.

How do you play chain tag?

Chain Tag - With this game there is one person it and they have to try and catch people when they do the person that got caught has to link or hold hands with the person that got them and they have to also try and get people and when they do get someone they link on as well etc. until everyone is caught. By Elzo42

How do you make a Gmail for several people?

No, you cannot do that in Gmail. A Gmail account belongs to one person. It cannot be assigned to multiple people.

What was a gay person called in 17th century?

In English, there was no term for a gay person in the 17th century, unless you consider that those caught were charged with the crime of buggery (so they may have been called buggers).

What is the word that means a person charged with a crime?

A person charged with a crime is the accused or the defendant.

What should people do if caught in bad weather while climbing a mountain?

help the person

What is probable cause if a person is charged with possession of a firearm and person was not caught with gun?

You do not actually have to have the firearm in your hands or on your person. Just being close enought to it to have access to it, or have control over it is sufficient to prove the charge. In the law it is known as "CONCURRENT POSSESSION."

What is a accomplice shoplifter?

its a person that is with the one that is doing the shoplifting, being the look out or just helping conceal things. If you know the person is shoplifting you'd be the accomplice, even though you didn't do it. If caught, the accomplice can be charged around the same as the person who shoplifted.

What is the difference between a hobo and a gypsy?

A gypsy belongs to a specific group of people and culture. A hobo is a homeless person.

What can happen when someone is caught bringing drugs into a prison in new York state?

The person would be charged as if they were a civilian and the same charges for illegal drug distribution would apply.

Can I sell sports tickets for a profit legally?

Selling sports tickets for a profit is called ticket scalping. It is illegal to sell tickets in this manner and if caught, the person is charged a fine.

There is an Attempted bank robbery 3 people one provides a mask another a handgun and the last person provides transportation what are they charged with?

Generally speaking, the person actually committing the robbery is charged with robbery and anyone else not actively involved in the robbery is charged as an accessory or accomplice to robbery.

Why do people cry when they get caught Cheating?

People cry when they get caught cheating because they get in trouble when they cheat

Does lung cancer kill a person that does not have cancer already?

It can. But many people do survive if it is caught early enough.