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Your mom could loose everything by being sued by the other drivers insurance company. Because you are unlicensed and took the car without permission her insurance company will not cover the accident and you are likely to get a ticket.

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You and your mother are under the same insurance policy. however your mother hits your car by accident. would reporting the accident increase your mothers insurance would you be covered?

Yes, Your joint policy will cover the accident. You should contact your agent to determine if any points or rate increase would apply.

I am covered on my mothers auto insurance she has comprehensive if i drive someone elses car and get into an accident will i be covered?

you are covered ONLY if the owner of the car you are driving is insured for occasional drivers. Your mother's insurance has nothing to with another 's person's car that you have borrowed.

Does homeowners insurance cover bodily injury to my mother from an accident within the residence?

Not unless you are somehow liable for your mothers injuries. Accidents happen everywhere, in the home, in the park, at church and on the sidewalks. Your moms existing medical insurance will see to her health needs.

What is the knowledge and perception level of antenatal mothers on tubal ligation?

The knowledge and perception level of antenatal mothers on tubal ligation seems to be very low. Most of the mothers do not understand this method of family planning and are afraid of using it.

How many years is your licensed suspended if you do not have insurance on your car and you get in an accident?

This will depend on your State and what their regulations are regarding this matter. In Georgia, your license will remain suspended until you finish reimbursing the party you hit and their insurance company who may have paid the claim under their uninsured motorists coverage. They will allow you to make payments over time to get it paid off. I remember a 15 year old girl that drove her Mothers vehicle. Because, she wasn't a licensed driver, the insurance company denied coverage and did not pay the claim. She could not get her first license until the $5,000 damage she caused was paid back to the other parties insurance company. The Mom had insurance but did not notify the company of the drivers and let an unlicensed driver drive the car and she new she had no license as it was her daughter.

Why do mothers hate scooters?

Mothers are generally worried about the safety of their children. Scooters provide little protection from an accident. And young riders are inexperienced and often distracted drivers.

If you were driving your mother's car with her permission when she died can you still be covered under her auto insurance if you keep up the payments until you inherit the title after probate ends?

If you were driving within the law old enough held a valid licence at the time and indeed included on the insurance theres a chance you will be covered by the insurance but seeing as it was your mothers car and insurance and through the result of an accident caused by your own admittance by yourself which takes all blame away from her then this being the case the insurance would still have to pay out on her insurance policy.

Will my mothers work insurance pay for abortions?

That is something you have to ask her. All insurances are different.

Who is kyle birkhauser?

My mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers,mothers, son.

How do you tell your wife that you lost her dead mothers wedding ring?

The best thing you can do is be straight forward and completely honest. If it was an accident explain that.

Why do some mothers step on their sons barefoot?

by accident, or perhaps they're your step-mother and they step on your barefoot because they dislike you. (my case)

Can your brother collect your mothers life insurance with out you?

All life insurance policies specify who the beneficiaries are and what percentage each one gets, so your brother can only collect his portion.

Can a birth mother use an adoptive mothers health insurance?

Why would you be able to use a strangers health insurance? You are not even related. I believe it's even illegal to use someone else's health insurance unless you are added on it.

Can you claim bodily injury in mothers vehicle?

Yes, you can. If she was in fault for the accident and you been hurt or injured you can make a claim and other passengers too.

Mother buys car for 35 year old daughter but car is in mothers name can she take daughter off insurance even though daughter is driving?

Yes, however it would be foolish of any person to uninsure a vehicle they own while they know it's being driven. Not only can the owner of the vehicle be issued a citation if a driver of their vehicle is caught without insurance, but if the driver causes an accident and their is no insurance on the vehicle, the owner of the car can be held responsible for the damages caused.

How do you find your deceased mother's national insurance number?

How do I find my deceased mothers financial information

Follow up on paid insurance policy for life and casualty insurance company of Tennessee?

Before an insurance company can sell insurance in a certain state, it must register with the State Dept of Insurance. If the company is sold, then it must notify the Dept of who it was sold to. If it just closes down, its policies were likely sold to another company, the Dept will have to be notified of that as well. Contact the TN Dept of Insurance and inquire there. Need to know how to contact National Life and Accident Ins. Co. My Mother passed away and she has a paid up policy but I don't know who to contact. My Name is Shirley F. McDowell email: rmcdowell2@woh.rr.com Mothers name is Margaret Hauck

If I'm covered under my father's insurance can I drive my mother's car?

Car insurance is usually for a specific car. So if you are covered to drive your fathers car that would not apply to your mothers car.

What if I am covered under my mothers insurance can i still get birth control without her conscent or knowledge.?

That varies by states. In most states treatment related to mental health (including drug addition or abuse), abuse, fertility (including birth control pills) and pregnancy are protected information and can be withheld from the parents.

What has the author Stephanie Nielson written?

Stephanie Nielson has written: 'Heaven is here' -- subject(s): Mormon women, Aircraft accident victims, Mothers, Patients, Family relationships, Large type books, Burns and scalds, Biography 'Heaven is here' -- subject(s): Mormon women, Aircraft accident victims, Family relationships, Mothers, Patients, Biography, Burns and scalds, Health

Insurance paid for house after my mothers death no heirs on the deed how do i get the house?

Get probate done so that title can officially be transferred to the legal heirs.

What has the author Bruce D Meyer written?

Bruce D. Meyer has written: 'A quasi-experimental approach to the effects of unemployment insurance' -- subject(s): Insurance, Unemployment, Mathematical models, Unemployment Insurance 'Implications of the Illinois reemployment bonus experiments for theories of unemployment and policy design' -- subject(s): Econometric models, Insurance, Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance, Unemployment insurance claimants 'Welfare, the Earned Income Tax Credit, and the labor supply of single mothers' -- subject(s): Employment, Single mothers, Earned income tax credit, Public welfare 'Consumption and income poverty over the business cycle' 'Why are there so few black entrepreneurs?' -- subject(s): Econometric models, African American businesspeople 'Policy lessons from the U.S. unemployment insurance experiments' -- subject(s): Claimants, Incentive (Psychology), Insurance, Unemployent, Insurance, Unemployment, Services for, Unemployent Insurance, Unemployment Insurance 'Further results on measuring the well-being of the poor using income and consumption' -- subject(s): Mathematical models, Poor, Well-being, Consumption (Economics), Economic conditions, Income, Single mothers

What is the possessive form of mothers?

The possessive form for the plural noun mothers is mothers'.Example: The mothers of several students have formed a mothers' committee.

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