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Q: If vaginal discharge stops at the 10th week of pregnancy does this indicate a potential problem?
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Is Nipple discharge breast cancer while pregnant?

The ONLY time nipples should have discharge is during pregnancy, and typically in the last trimester only. Ask your doctor to make sure there is no problem.Generally, discharge during pregnancy is NOT a sign of breast cancer.

Is a thick white discharge a sign of pregnancy?

No it is not usually a sign of pregnancy but a sign of some other condition or problem. Generally thick white discharge is associated with a yeast infection but can also be a symptom of an STD. Consult a physician for a better opinion.

What is white that comes from a girl's vagina?

Sometimes a girl can have a discharge. It can be harmless and normal, or could indicate a problem. You can ask a doctor if it is normal or not. One thing that can cause a discharge that is not good is a yeast infection.

Is it normal to have discharge during pregnancy that causes holes in panties?

Suggest you go see a doctor with that problem. Or change your brand of panties.

What does it mean when you are 7 months pregnant and there is blood in your discharge?

It means you should see your doctor as soon as possible. It may indicate a problem with the placenta.

Is brown discharge at 31 weeks normal?

NO!!! See your doctor, could be a problem with the pregnancy or an infection, possibly even a sexually transmitted disease.

Is brown stringy discharge normal during pregnancy?

It can be, but it can also be a sign of a problem. Definitely call your doctor and discuss your symptoms with him, just to be sure.

What symptoms indicate a problem in pregnancy?

there are some symptoms that may be signs of a more dangerous underlying problem. A pregnant woman experiencing any of the following should contact her doctor immediately

Can there be a problem with frequent white discharge in pregnancy?

no the reason is the release of the cervial mucous plug. If your discharge is yellow, dark gray, green or anything beside white or off-white, you may have an infection, especially if it has an odor like fish or is itchy.

What does dark brown almost black discharge mean?

Dark brown vaginal discharge could indicate a viral lesion, a infertility risk factor, to include HPV plantar wart viruses. Significant changes in color and odor of vaginal fluids may indicate infections or fetal developmental problems if a woman is pregnant. Slight spotting is possible during the early pregnancy and is considered quite normal. Dark brown vaginal discharge could indicate a viral lesion, a infertility risk factor, to include HPV plantar wart viruses. I don't know if this helped you or not. I suggest going to your doctor and ask him or her about it. Don't be shy about it either because you aren't the only one that has had this problem before. Trust me. If you don't ask your doctor about it, whatever you have that is causing this colored discharge could get seriously worse. Get some help immediately.

Should rich countries do anything about this potential problem?

Ahhh . . . exactly what potential problem?

Is 'potential problem' is a correct phrase?

Yes, the term means that something has the potential to become a problem. The word 'potential' can be a noun or an adjective. In this term, the word 'potential' is an adjective describing the noun 'problem'.

What does it mean when you are pregnant and dream that you can see the baby's foot kicking through the womb?

Such dreams as this are perfectly normal during pregnancy. The dreamer might be anticipating the later stages of pregnancy when it can feel as if the baby really is kicking through the womb! This is a good dream and does not indicate any problem with the pregnancy or the fetus.

Is statistics a solution of your problem or means to indicate problem?

It is a solution.

Is it take time to get pregnant if you have a white discharge problem?

I'm not sure what you mean by "problem" but typically cervical discharge during ovulation has an "egg-white" consistency.

How do Pregnancy beliefs lead to pregnancy complication?

Pregnancy Beliefs are you thinking you are pregnant, pregnancy complications, is you have a problem with pregnancy.... is there as similarity? Anyways, a teen could be think she is pregnant, she will get scared, start to worry. This is the only problem I see...

Can you still get discharge if you are pregnant?

Yes, discharge during pregnancy can be completely normal. The vagina is a self cleaning organ, and routinely sheds small amounts of fluid out of the vagina whether pregnant or not. However, if the discharge has changed color, consistency or smell from your normal pattern, please see your doctor. It can be an indicator of an infection or other problem and may need treatment.

Are sinuses a pregnancy symptom?

No, having a sinus problem is not a symptom of pregnancy.

What is problem and solution?

Describes a problem and relays a potential solutions.

Can spider-burst veins indicate a medical problem?

They are frequently associated with pregnancy and there may be hormonal factors associated with their development. They are primarily of cosmetic concern and do not present any medical concerns.

What does the BIOS do to indicate if there is a problem with your computer?


What does a narrowing pulse pressure indicate?

A problem

Could a rusty discharge with no smell or discomfort and a late period be a good sing of pregnancy I got the discharge after my period was due?

answer Sounds like you have a infection you best had go to the doctors because it could be a serious problem it could also be left over period blood so I don't think you are pregnant.

Can a person with a dishonorable discharge own land?

Your discharge status does not typically affect your credit rating. There is no problem with owning land.

Is light brown discharge twice yesterday when you wiped 8 weeks pregnant is this normal?

When you have any color discharge out of the norm during your pregnancy, you should seek the advice of your physician. You are 8 weeks pregnant; therefore, the earlier your seek assistance in the matter, the sooner the problem can be resolved. Best of luck to you and new baby.