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Any enjoyment we get though our senses and mind is transient.

For ex. Taste.

It depends on hungry, our habit, and acceptance by mind. When we are hungry taste takes less priority. In spite of suffering from diseases, people are not able to change their old food habits because they addicted to taste.

So one has to remember always that any enjoyment brought through senses and mind is transient. It turns out to be sorrow after some time unless we have a control over it.

There can not be happiness with out sorrow. we loose ability to enjoy any happiness conterminously because our senses and mind gets tired of enjoyment. Resting through sleep and meditation only make us to enjoy things again.

All our enjoyable pursuits and states of happines may be derived from physical objects or sensations, but they are actually the way our soul reacts to those sensations.

In Heaven, where only our soul will exist, we will not need sensory stimulation to make the soul happy, and we will receive directly from G-d the goodness and pleasure of basking in His presence, therefore eternal happiness and joy.

  • If I had to take a guess, it would go something like this. The 'mind' that brought you all of those wonderful sensations you mentioned will continue to astound and amaze you with unimaginable sights, scents, sounds and unlimited wonders when you get there.

To be with God forever, never to be separated from Him throughout eternity. That will be better than any sunset, music or anything on this earth. Just to be with Him will be happiness you have never known here.

Actually, you will have all of that (except the sunset because the sun never goes down in Heaven and the memories because you wont remember what happened on earth because God will give us a new body and mind) but much, much more glorious.

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