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either way.. move on darling.. seriously..

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What does it mean when a girl who is a friend kisses you and another guy but has a boyfriend?

She likes you and that other guy and her boyfriend but does not know who she likes best.

What can my friend do if she likes this guy but he has a girlfriend which is her best friend but then a guy she kinda likes asked her out what should she do?

go with the guy she kinda likes if she goes with the other one her friend will get mad at her and not talk to her anymore and you should let your friend be happy with her boyfriend

What does it mean if a guy acts different around you than he does around other people like if hes really quiet around you?

He either likes you or is scared of you. My boyfriend was like that then i asked what was up and he asked me out. and he might like you in a way

Can you consider this a relationship if you been around each other for over a year and spend a lot of time with each other but never kissed?

well if he or she asked to be there girlfriend/boyfriend i guess but if that person really likes you they will show it.

What if she likes two other guys and her boyfriend?


What do you do when your boyfriend likes you and your best friend?

Love, is exclusive. One or the other. If he likes you both then he probably doesn't love either of you.

Likeing a girl who has a boy friend?

Ask them out. You never know if they like you more. Once I had a boyfriend, but I really liked this other guy. Finally he asked me out, knowing I had a boyfriend, and I dumped my boyfriend and went with the guy whom had just asked me out.

What if the guy you like likes you but you have a boyfriend?

You are free to decide whom you prefer, your current boyfriend or this other guy whom you also like. But only have one boyfriend at a time, otherwise they can become jealous of each other.

If you like a boy and he likes you and if you are eleven and he's twelve does that make us boyfriend and girlfriend?

Someone has to ask the other to be their boyfriend or girlfriend in which then you will be a couple.

What do you do if your boyfriend likes a girl as much as he likes you?

If he truly liked you he wouldn't like the other girl so yeah its kinda obvious about what you should do

What if your boyfriend dumped you because of a rumor what should you do?

you should tell your boyfriend if he really likes you if he says yes tell him if he believes you or other people that started the rumor because your boyfriend should only believe you not other people

What to do when a boy likes a girl that has a boyfriend?

try to sweet talk her and talk bad about the other guy

Should you tell your friends that your other friend likes you when you already have a boyfriend?

yes it solves problems.

How do you tell if your ex boyfriend likes you if hes talking to other girls?

Ask around, or confront him

What if you have a boyfriend but this other boy likes you but doesn't want to admit it?

I don't see how this is an issue if you don't like the other boy.

How does a guy act when he likes a girl who has a boyfriend?

He is probably bashing on the boyfriend and doesn't like him. He always wants to show off in front of the other guy or you. He tells you that you deserve better. He flirts with you and is constantly texting or talking to you. He gets jealous when you talk about your boyfriend. Or you can just ask him if he likes you.

How do you now if your ex boyfriend still like you?

you'll know if your ex boyfriend still likes you if he does the following:call every other dayif he is mad at you because you might have a new boyfriend.he tells you!!!

There's a guy that i don't know if i like or not but i feel kinda attracted to him but some other guy who's crushing on you asked you out What should you do?

If the other guy asked you out and you are sure he likes you, go for it. in other words, find out if the guy you are attracted to likes you. just go up and ask him. if he doesnt, say yes to the other guy.

How do you know when your boyfriend and girlfriend?

Well either the girl or the boy in the relationship have asked each other for example: " Will you be my girlfriend?" " Will you be my boyfriend?" Etc......... or just a plain" I love you"

Why is my ex boyfriend so protective over me My ex boyfriend always starts fights with other boys who fancy me or who have asked me out he didnt like me talking to other boys?

he still hasn't gotten over you!

What does it mean when the guy you likes friend says they the guy you like likes you?

So, you both like each other ? Then be stupid! Go out already, be boyfriend and girlfriend ! <3

How can you tell if your boyfriend likes another girl?

If he hangs out with her secretly or he acts weird in front of you when other girls are around

Why does it hurt you to know your boyfriend fantasizes of other women?

because you know that would dump you for her and that he likes someone else.

What if your boyfriend talks sexually about other girls?

If you find this objectionable, have asked him to stop, and he continues to do it anyway that is rude and disrespectful to you.

What can you do to have a girl that she have a boyfriend?

You can't have a girl if she has a boyfriend.. If she likes you she wouldve gone out with you. But i assume if you really like her you could wait til' they break up then you can make your move to see if she likes you. But since she has a boyfriend, leave the situation alone. If You cant wait. Try to get over her. Theyre are many other fish in the sea! :)