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If when you hit a bump in the road the front end of the car rattles and sometimes it does it when you are just driving is this rack and pinion trouble?


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i just had similar problem. i also thought rack and pinion, but it turned out to be just a suspension link loose. relativley cheap to replace at $40 each side. good luck!

check ball joints, If they get really worn they will rattle. jack up the front and place a hand on top and on bottom of your tire and try to move it back and forth.


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A crown and pinion are used in steering and driving. A pinion gear is used to steer against the force of gravity, while the crown is a wheel with cogs lining along its rim.

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Check the 1994 GMC Safari's brakes. Even if the brakes are fine, dust can cause the components to create loud squeaks, rattles, and sometimes ringing noises.

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There are many advantages to having a rack and pinion steering system installed in a vehicle. Two major advantages are the road feel capabilities that are available when driving a vehicle on wet or icy roads and the precision of your steering when using a rack and pinion steering system.

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Your rack and pinion can go bad for a number of reasons, a wreck, hitting the side of the curve with one of your tires too hard, driving your car with bad suspension will put extra strain on your rack and pinion causing it to go bad , and normal wear and tear

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