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It could be implantation bleed, it all depends on what day of your cycle you are on.

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Q: If when you woke up this morning you went to the bathroom and you noticed you were spotting which has never happened and now its gone on the same day what could it be?
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I had My period then 2 weeks later I've noticed spotting which stoped then 3 days later i have more spotting.?

It is most likely that this is ovulation bleeding which generally occurs 2 weeks after period ended. However, if there is a chance that you could be pregnant, take a test if you miss your period

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If you experience ovulation spotting bleeding but never had it in other months of your cycle what would it mean?

It probably doesn't mean anything. It may just mean that you noticed the spotting this month. Spotting during ovulation is a sign of a good strong ovulation. If it lasts for more than a day or two or is bleeding rather than light pink or brown spotting, contact your doctor. You might have an issue with progesterone. I would not be concerned, but I would mention it at your next doctor visit. Answer same here but I had clear discharge with a streak of blood in it don't know what it means tho pink princess

I have the flu and I am due to start my period. I went to the toilet and noticed very light pink spotting but no period is this normal?

It is normal. Flu can make you skip a period or make it late. There might be a possibility that you are pregnant as well?