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Boot from your rescue disk.

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Q: If while in msconfig you accidentally removed some processes from your system's startup and now your monitor does not turn on at startup is there any way to reset the startup configuration?
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In the event that the main flash memory were accidentally erased or corrupted (wrong software loaded), you can load a new image by booting into the ROM Monitor and running the appropriate commands.

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How can you reinstall your monitor driver after accidentally deleting it I can't figure out how to fix it without being able to see a monitor. It's a Dell with XP?

If you have the driver, just double click on it and follow instructions. If you have the driver but it's not an install file. Open Device Manager and right click on the monitor and choose update the driver. And choose the location where the driver is. Of you have no monitor driver find out the brand and exact model of your monitor then visit the manufacture website and download the driver. If they don't have it try to use google to find the driver. After that use instructions above. If you have more questions you are welcome to ask.

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By BillP Studios is a third-party monitoring tool that is used to monitor the startup processes and let you know when installation software attempts to add something to your startup routines?


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