If you're building an aquarium out of an old console TV and would like to integrate the lighting and filtration with the original power button is this a difficult task and how can you get started?

Cut out a small section of the tv chassis holding the switch and put it back in the console - if it wont conflict with the tank. Or cut off the whole row of switches so all the knobs can still be there.

One way to do it is to completely remove the original switch panel and the electric cables running to it. This way you can also avoid getting shocked by the converters! Once that's out, buy some simple cable (lamp cord is good) and some new switches at a hardware store and use those to rewire completely new switches. You can get some that have the same antiqued look as the original TV. Splice your new wire with the existing cords from the lights, pump and new wall switch. Be careful that you do not overload the circuit. You may need to have 2 plugs for your new TV. Basically your new switch just completes the circuit for the light. Using new wire and switches will also be more sound and you'll have less worry about a short somewhere in the wire. In splicing it's a good idea to solder the wires, but you can also get a good connection with butt splices, or something similar. (Be sure to get the correct connects for the gauge of wire you're using) You can also use a toggle switch for the lights that would allow for multiple light frequencies or for dimming or brightening the light.