If you're still in love with your ex who cheated and he's still in love with you can you work it out?

Work it out? It depends what you mean by "working it out". If "working it out" means that you will stay together and he will never cheat on you again. Life is very long. "Never" is a long time. No one knows that answer. However, history has a way of repeating itself. Chances are, he will do it again. A man is as faithful as his options. His ability to be faithful is a test of his character, his "WORD". IF he did it once, he will probably do it again. Sure, he may feel remourseful now but how long will this last? In the mean time, you are aging, but he is just getting better with age-he is a man. Get out while you are still young, pretty, and attractive. Further, if he got away with it once, he will always feel he can get away with it again. If you are still in love with him and he is still in love with you - look at it this way, love is not everything. In fact, love is a minute small part of your relationship. A relationship is many things: mutual respect, mutual admiration, companionship, nurturing, friendship, mutual lust, emotions. He has already broken all of the aforementioned bonds by sleeping with someone else, betraying you and hurting you. A real confidant would not do that to a friend, a wife, a spouse. Trust me, I know...my first husband cheated on me. He cheats on his current wife. If I would have listened to him and stayed with him at 21, I'd be a miserable "witch" today at 35. My grandmother stayed with a cheating spouse who claimed to always be in love with her for 45 years. She stayed for the kids. She stayed because she was in love with her and he was in love with him. At 72, she just divorced him and is a miserable person. Her cheating spouse consumes every ounce of her being. It is all she talks about. SHE IS AN ANGRY WOMAN. Don't be an angry woman. Recapture your self worth. You are worth it. He is not. You'd be giving your entire self to him and he is not worth it.  


my boy frieend cheated on me and i never expected it but we worked threw it and it was only a one time fling and we have been togather almost 2 years since it happened but i would say that it helped him that I heard it from him and not any one else. It is all up to you if you feel that you can trust him or if you want to give him that chance again.