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yes, i believe it still present for a few weeks

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 13:00:20
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Q: If you'd miscarried would HCG still show up in a blood test?
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Will a pregnancy test show positive if I miscarried?

A pregnancy test can show a positive result if you have miscarried. There is still enough hormone in your body to produce a positive result.

Does cipro interfere with blood tests for std?

it is inafective in the blood tests it only treats the clap.yhe blood would still show signs of infection.

Can a blood sample taken 2 years ago still show marijuana use?

To answer your question YES. From your question the blood sample was taken 2 years ago, thus the drugs would still be in that sample of blood. However, if a new blood sample was taken and your clean no drugs would show up. I would also like to point out that if they took a hair sample with the hair follicle any drug would show up for the past 6 to 10 years regardless.

You miscarried at 6 weeks and now 7 weeks later a strong positive HPT Can you be pregnant?

if u made it 2 six weeks and miscarried..... at 7 weeks it should show your still pregnant only because it takes a little bit for the hormone levels to go back to normal....

Will a pregnancy test show negative if you miscarried?

Eventually, but your hormones need to return to normal first.

If you get pregnant while on birth control pills will you still show the withdrawal bleeding while on the placebos and would pregnancy symptoms still occur on the pill?

Yes you will still have a period but it may be later and old blood. Yes pregnancy symptoms would still occur.

If a patient has a disease and blood was drawn what would show?

It will generally show a high white blood cell count.

Does electronic cigarette nicotine show up on blood test?

Yes, since nicotine is still absorbed into our bodies, it'll show up in our blood test.

If urine show is clean but marijuana may still be in the blood will that show in urine collected while menstruating?

Menstruation does not expell any blood, contrary to the uninformed belief.

5weeks ago I miscarried 2 weeks after I had unprotected sex your preg tests are still positive What is going on?

Either you didn't miscarry, you had sex and got pregnant again, or you still have the hormone in your system that causes a pregnancy test to show a positive result. I am guessing it is the hormone.

Can a home pregnancy test show positive if you miscarried at a few weeks?

No your hcg levels should have gone back down

Would HIV show up on prenatal blood tests?


If you take a pregnancy test after a miss carriage will it show negative?

I believe right after you will still have the hormone in your blood stream. I would advise you go the Dr. to be sure if you are pregnant again or not.

Will blood test show dosage prescribed?

the question should have read: would a blood test show a dosage prescribed if someone is on adderall- or just a positive for this medication?

Would HIV show up in routine blood work?

No HIV will not show up in routine blood work. The lab test must be specifically called out by the doctor.

If you snort percocets will it be in your urine or blood stream?

the chemical still is in your body, it will show up both places.

Does eaten marijuana show up in blood test?

Of course it does if you eat it or smoke it you still have THC in your system

What if an automatic blood pressure cuff will not register your blood pressure?

If an automatic blood pressure cuff will not register your blood pressure, it is probably broken. If you don't think that is the reason. you should consult your physician and ask he/she to take it for you. If it still does not show up, then you may want to discuss with the doctor why it does not show.

How would you know if you lacked vitamin d?

A blood test would show if you are low in Vitamin D.

How soon will a blood test show if you are pregnant?

I called and asked my obgyn, and she said a blood test would only be accurate two weeks after your missed period and to only do it as a validation of a home pregnancy test. A blood test shows before you've missed a period, but at this early stage you would have to have 2 blood tests to show that the hormones are rising as there is quite a variation in normal, and a single test would not show you are pregnant.

Will second hand smoke show up in a blood test?

Yes it will. Although you are not smoking it yourself the smoke from the person standing next to you or their second hand smoke could still enter your blood steam, which when you take a blood test will show up positive for smoking.

If you was pregnant but still having a period would a test show a true reading?

Yes, a pregnancy test would show a true reading.

Why would blood turn black?

Its a term used in the show to identify vampires-Black bloods (their blood isn't actually black)

Would syphilis show up in a routine blood test?

No it will not. It must be specifically tested for.

Will general blood test show nicotine?

NO general blood test will not show nicotine