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== == Go to the doctor, keep telling them how you feel till you get some help.

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Who invented antacids and when?

About 5000 years ago the ancient civilization called the Sumerians tried to prevent the painful sensation of heartburn and reflex. Since then people have been improving antacids and eventually turning them into antacid tablets.

Can you get pregnant after your tubes been tide after 6 years havent been feeling good but wondering?

Yes, you can get pregnant after your tubes are tied. I had my tubes tied 6 years ago during the birth of my son, I had a c-section. SURPRISE , I had signs of being pregnant. I thought oh this is not possible, Its possible !!!!

Can you be feeling more pregnancy symptoms when pregnant later in life?

Yes- your system's not as strong and open to accepting new life as it was in your earlier years

What is the shelf life of abilify?

Tablets and orodispersible tablets 3 years Oral solution 3 years After first opening: 6 months.

What is the shelf life of Azithromycin tablets?

it may be 2 years

How many years after the formation of the roman republic did the Rome adopt the twelve tablets?

59 years after

My tubes are cut and burnt and i am having systoms of being pregnant could i be?

Oct 06 2008 I am having the same problem, I got my tubes cut and burnt almost 2 years ago after giving birth, and now I am having some pink spotting only when I wipe, and last week I had that weired feeling like there are butterflys in my stomach that feeling I got when I got pregnant with my other 3 kids and I new I was Pregnant.

Been on the pill for 2 years stop taking the pill to fall pregnant but took 4 of the red tablets then stopped now 2 days later have started bleeding is the normal?

Um. I think you may have gonorrhea.

Im 21 and your girlfriend of 2 years is pregnant and im very nervouse any advice?

Speak to your partner about your feeling. Information and comfort is your best armour against being nervous and apprehensive.

Could you be pregnant if you had a tubal in year 2000 but you're now 22 days late and feeling very tired and having nausea?

If a tubal ligation is going to fail it usually does so in the first 2 or 3 years, but it sounds as though you might be pregnant, or could you be menopausal?

How were the first maps made?

it was made by clay tablets 4000 years ago

What should you weigh when your 10 years old and you think you pregnant?

If you're ten years old, you're not pregnant.

Which animal is pregnant longest?

elephants can be pregnant for up to 2 years

What animal is pregnant for 8 years?

There are no animals on this planet that are pregnant for that long.

Could you be pregnant at age 31 if you had a TL 6 years ago last month had a 2 day period this month nothing but spotting feeling bloated and tender?

Historically, some TL's have failed.

Had period two weeks ago and now feeling af signs feeling like it's coming but nothing what could that be and i had a mc July 19 could i be pregnant again I feel a little tingle in my breast also.?

im 15 years old in junior lakeswood highschool and i am not pregnant and never will be.but your period hasn't started again yet,your boobs are getting a bit for that reason you have a live one in you! and also if you started feeling a bit nervous latley and cranky then you need to see a doctor okay?

Can 12 years olds get pregnant?

If she has started having periods (menstruating) then she can get pregnant.

Can you be pregnant at 50 years?

If the female is still ovulating then yes she can become pregnant.

I'm the 31 wks pregnant and I'm feeling like I've done 50 push ups what is that feeling and is it normal?

normal?? every women goes through that experience with the pain and 13 years old your lucky that you have teenagers on here answering your questions.but yes its a 31 weeks exam.

My daughter is 8 years old how many tablets 200mg do you give her of ibuprofen?


Can you be pregeant if you feel something moving but you have been sterilized 11 years ago?

If you was pregnant and you were feeling fetal movements you would be 4+ months into your pregnancy. So it is unlikely this is pregnancy related but see your doctor for a examination.

What is the likelyhood of falling pregnant at 35 years old?

Even at 35 years of age, a woman is still likely to become pregnant.

Which animal is pregnant for 9 years?

No animal can really be pregnant for 9 years. It's just a myth, or a freak accident in nature.

When did Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant?

She got pregnant at 16 years old and gave birth at 17 years old.

I'am only 10 years old and I'am pregnant is this a record?

No; the earliest female to become pregnant was five years old.