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Yes, it's a result of the hormones released after you ovulate. If you are a virgin, you have nothing to worry about. You may or may not experience this every month before your period begins. It's quite normal.

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Q: If you're 12 years old and still a virgin and have started your periods and are experiencing sore breasts are your sore breasts due to starting your periods?
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You have just finished having your periods and your breasts started itching What could be wrong?

yuuh probablee have herps

Periods - my mum and sister started there periods when they were 12 im are now 12 and only showing a small sign of puberty and my breasts arnt NOT growing why is this happening?

The age that your periods start is not entirely genetic. Don't worry about it. Many people do not start their periods until 13, 14 or 15.

What does it mean if a woman menstruate on the 8th of march and started again on the 25th of march?

It may mean you are pregnant, have a hormonal imbalance or are experiencing irregular periods.

I am in my 5th week of pregnancy and am not experiencing any symptoms not even sore breasts is this normal?

It is normal not to feel any symptoms, I started feeling pregnancy symptoms when I was 6 weeks!

You're 12 and haven't started your periods yet but you have had headaches for the past 2 days and sore breasts and black vaginal discharge could you be starting soon?

Black vaginal discharge sounds like it could well be your period. If not, you need to go and see a doctor

My period started off light a little late and it keeps going from brownish to dark red I started my period the beginning of December and still experiencing some bleeding what does this mean?

Brown is referred to as 'cold blood.' I happen to get it at the end of my periods and sometimes in between periods. It is blood that did not get out during your period. It is perfectly natural and harmless.

If you are 12 with very sore breasts before you started you period is that a sign of starting?

Yes, but your menstrual period may not start right away.

What are signs of starting your period?

I'm an 11 year old girl and I've not yet started my periods but I've got all the signs of starting it soon so here are the some of the signs your away to start your period soon: Your breasts growing larger. Getting pubic hair. Under-arm hair. White, sticky an unpleasent disharge. Hope that helps.

When will your breasts be normal?

depends on when you started puberty.

Why do you get periods every 3 months?

If you have recently started your periods, or are in the first year or so since it started then your periods may be irregular or late. They should fall into step.

I stopped birth control injections 3 months ago i have started experiencing cramps in my stomach my breasts pain and my sex drive has one up what could be the problem?

If you have continued to have sex since you stopped you may be pregnant from the sounds of it.

How can you tell if you have breasts?

You should be able to see them. If you aren't sure, your breasts probably haven't started growing.

Im 15 and I started your periods at 10 Im am now a size 32D Will they keep growing?

Well you should be about done at 15. If your breasts do grow any more it shouldn't be much. I had the same size breasts all through puberty and up till I was 17 and I started taking birth control pills and that increased my breast size by two cup sizes.

When do your breasts start growing?

when your 7 i started when i was 7

How do you know if you started to get breasts?

You get balls in ur boobs

Periods - your mum and sister started there periods when they were 12 you are now 12 and only showing a small sign of puberty and your breasts arnt NOT growing why is this happening?

You are probably running a little late in that area. Or your body is not ready yet. Don't worry, some girls get there first period when they are 18! You have a while until your breasts fully develope. You're time will come!!!! Be patient, everyone's different. Even if they are in your family

How come your friend is 13 and she doesn't have breasts at all?

Different people mature at different ages and if your friend has a very low bodyweight that might make her a bit later. Sometimes you take after your Mom. Get your friend to ask her Mom when she got breasts. Saying that, I had 36C breasts at 12 and started my periods at 12 years and 6 months, and my daughter didn't get any (breasts or periods)until she was 13 and a half. She is now nearly 17 and still 34B, I don't think she will get any bigger now. If your friend still shows no sign of becoming a woman by the time she is 15 go with her to a ob/gyn.

Why haven't my breasts grown since i started my period?

Maybe it is because you are growing in stages. First your period, then your breasts.

What does it mean when you have thick white discharge after having sec?

it is usually a sign of periods starting if you haven't started them all ready but if you have it might just have been cum

How do you know you have started your periods?

When blood begins to come out of your vagina, you have started your period.

You are 11 and not took your periods?

It is all right. You might not get your period until you are 14. Enjoy the freedom. If you haven't started developing breasts and body hair when you are 14, see a doctor to make sure that your pituitary gland is OK.

Why have you not had sore breasts before?

You haven't started puberty yet!

Do all pregnant women's breasts hurt?

No.. Through the whole of my second pregnancy my breasts didnt hurt at all, they got a little bigger, but it wasnt until a few weeks before having my dd that they got Hugh and started to get a little tender(from the milk starting to get ready)

At what time do breasts become sore?

They get sore right before your period or if you havent had your period yet nor started, then your propbably close to starting it. i know because i felt my breast and they started to hurt and felt softer that usual. Hope i helped <3

You are 12 and you have started your periods what shall you do?

Speak to your mother.