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== == * Too many young people sit at school, come home and sit behind the computer and wonder why they look like a large lump or have a big butt. Get out on your bike for an hour and peddle that butt (tightens up the muscles and it will appear smaller.) Swimming is also a good exercise or switch on a channel on TV and do a work-out every day. Keep away from junk food (usually junk food hits the butt in women.) Get moving! == == Now, that's wonderful advice! Riding a bike really does help tighten the bum! But, this is only helpful in months where it's warm enough to ride a bike. The easiest way to get a tight butt and have it appear smaller is simple. It can be done while doing almost anything! It's squatting. To do a proper squat, stand with your back strait and your feet shoulder width apart. Then, bend you knees (while keeping you back strait!) until your ALMOST in a sitting position. Hold your butt cheeks together, and suck in your stomach and count to ten! Stand back up, then repeat! This sounds hard, and if your not used to working out, it can be a little painful. Start by doing ten of the these each day, and slowing work your way up to doing 30 a day. But pace yourself! Do a few in the morning, and a few at lunch, and the rest before you go to sleep each night. You don't have to do them all at once. You should start to see a difference in about 2-3 weeks.

2009-03-28 23:59:10
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Q: If you're 13 years old is it possible to do exercises to make your butt smaller or will your butt stay huge forever?
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