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it depends on what u mean by "leaving" for good or for a day, weekend, month/ It depends!

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How do you use the word qualms in a sentence?

Mary had qualms about going out without her parents' permission.

Can you get arrested for leavin your house without permission in Delaware?

You are not going to be arrested. But you can be taken into custody and returned to your parents.

My Girlfriend is 16 and I'm 18 her grandparents are going to leave Texas. What do I have to do in order for her to legally move in with me?

1. Get Grandparents'/Parents' Permission or 2. Get married (which will require Grandparent's/Parents' permission) or 3. She gets emancipated (which is hard to do without grandparents'/parents' permission)

What is the legal age for a teen to move out of their parents' house without their parents' permission in Texas?

17 as long as you are living in a safe place and are going to school

In Virginia if you are underage and you get pregnant can you get married without parents permission?

No. You must have parental permission to get married until you are 18. You may be able to get a court order to allow it, but there are going to have to be other factors for them to do it.

I'm 17 and live in Tx I'm going to a concert in Cali that will make me miss 3-4 days of school I don't have parental consent will the people I'm with who are 18 plus or I get in legal trouble?

Quite possibly - and you are almost certain to get into trouble if you go out of state without your parents' permission.

Can a 16 year old girl in Maine move out with out her parents permission with her 23 year old boyfriend?

The only way you ca move in with him if your parents give all your rights to your boyfriend, but you can't move out without your parents permission because your still a minor and your boyfriend is 23 and he could go to jail if your parents are not ok with it. So just stay home and with at least a year or two and see how everything is going with your parents and your boyfriend. No, the legal age for moving out without your parents permission is 18-years-old.

Can a 17 year old leave state for vacation with out parents consent?

this 17 year girl lives with another family and planning a cruise going to mexico. can she go without her parents permission

Can a 16 year old with children live with some one that is 43 with her parents permission and or he get a divorce In Oklahoma and they with parents permission get married in Texas?

With parental permission they could get married. But the age difference is not going to work out well.

What is the legal age for a person to date in Georgia without their parents consent?

There are no laws about dating in Georgia or any other state. Doing so without parental permission is not going to result in good things.

What are runaway charges?

when a child under the age 18 go somewhere without their parents permission, then the parents go to court and give you a warrant for your arrest this can mess up your plans of going to college or looking for a job.

What is the difference between sneaking out and going for a walk?

Going for a walk is something you do on your own accord without needing permission, where as sneaking out is when permission is needed and you go out undetected

Is it legal for a 17 year old female to move out without there parents permission?

No. Would need to be emancipated. Which means going to court and proofing that you would be able to take of yourself and that you have a job. But your parents must also approve of this.

Do you need a permission slip to go out if the country if you are under 18 and going alone?

I am sure it depends on which country you are going to and from. But I know going from Canada to Honduras or United States you need a letter of permission from your guardians/parents.

What age can you drop out of school in Utah?

16Seems to be the short answer, but really it's 18 without a parents permision. With permission it is 16, without they must legally stay in school till they are 18.Now, how do you make them stay in school without getting yourself in trouble is another question intirely? I have no idea, but I'm going to find out. I'll be damned if my daughter is going to end up another drop out loser as smart as she is and she is determined to drop out. HELP!!!!!!!

You are seventeen and you have moved in with a friend and his parents you are going to move with them and cannot enroll in school without your parents permission they refuse what do I do?

You may be able to petition a court to be 'emancipated'. That is a legal term which means that the court recognizes you as an adult. If you are an adult, your parents' permission to do anything is no longer necessary. You would need to check with a local attorney who specializes in family law to find out if you qualify.

Do you need permission from both sets of parents or just one for an underage marriage?

It probably depends on the state, but I would say any underage person trying to get married is going to need permission from their parents. Both the bride and groom will need permission.

How long has the trouble between Savon and his parents been going on and what started it?


When two 17 year olds elope do they need parent permission from one parent for both of them or do they just need one parent permission Also after they elope are they free from their parents?

Even when your out of high school and going into or are in college your parents are responsible for your actions. The only way to be "free" from your parents is by getting emancipated. You need both parents signatures even if they are divorced, however if one is dead then the other is fine. Also, note that NO jurisdiction in the USA will marry two 17-year-olds without parental permission, even if one is pregnant. At the very minimum, they would both need the permission of a judge to get married, and that permission is not likely to be forthcoming without substantial reason and demonstration of responsibility by the two teenagers.

Can you stop going to church without your parents permission?

You can. That would be your decision. However, if you are caught you will have to suffer the consequences. It's really not a good idea! I would sit down with your parents and speak with them using sincere, open, and honest communication and discuss with them what you are feeling.

I was wondering if it's legal to move out of the house at the age of 16 in the state of WV without parental consent if you move into your boyfriends parents house with their permission?

NO. And you attempt to do this, boyfriend's parents are likely going to find themselves facing a truckload of legal problems.

Can you get your tongue pierced at 15 with parents permission?

Yes, I think you can with your parents with you. Check with the shop where you are going to have it done, and they will best answer your question. Most states it is illegal.

How do you get an airsoft gun without parents knowing?

Trust me on this one- it is NOT going to happen. Even if you do get one, your parents WILL find out about it at some point- and you will be in trouble. Don't. Remember, every thing that you are thinking of for the first time, your parents thought about YEARS ago. Advice from Grandad- OK?

Can a minor get emancipated with her parents permission?

That depends on the state. Having parental permission is a help, but the minor is going to have to show additional things, such as the ability to support themselves financially.

Can my parents get in trouble if I leave home at sixteen?

no of course not but first discuss it with them and keep going to school