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If you're 16 and your mom doesn't want you and your dad's house is too packed can you live with another relative?


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October 06, 2005 9:05PM

This is a sad question to try to answer. But Im going to give it a start, and then hopefully somoene will follow up, or more questions added to this will be posted and then maybe we can go from there. First, alot depends on the state you live in. Id say that if a relative was more than willing to take you in, you should start by asking them. If they agree, let your parents know where youll be, leave them a way to contact you. If this relative would want to have it legal, the best way to start then, is to have a legal document of some kind drawn up and "HAVE IT NOTARIZED" that this relative is going to assume responsibility for you........ I hope this helps at least a little. Its the way I would have done it, if need be. tara257