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It depends on where you go. You have to sign a paper and that tells them not to tell your parents. they can't tell them anything if you sign that paper that says they can't. No matter how much your parents want to know..

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Why do you need to know our blood type?

you don't you can live without knowing your blood type

How do you know your pit bulls blood line?

The way you can tell if you see the pedregree on both parents althought it doesn't matter knowing or becoming obsebsed with knowing a bloodline.

Can you find your blood type without giving blood?

You cannot find out your blood type without a blood test. YOu can guess what it is and you can find the possibilities by finding out what blood types are produced when the types of both of your parents are mixed.

Maremma sheepdog with abnormal blood counts anyone have any suggestions?

Impossible to answer without knowing which counts were what.

Can yo have a miscarriage without knowing?

yes...you will feel like is a big clod of blood and some pain.

What blood type will the baby have if both parents have different blood types?

The baby will have some combination of the parents blood types. Without more information I cannot give you more specific info.

If one parent is o positive and the other is a positive what will the child's be?

The question is incomplete. The blood type, (or ABO group), for only one parent is there. Positive refers to the presence of an antigen for the Rh group . The child will therefore be Rh positive since both parents are Rh positive. One parent's blood type is O. The other parent can have O, A, B, or AB as a bloodgroup. Without knowing both parents blood groups, and not just the Rh status, there is no way of knowing the bloodtype of the child.

How can i tell if i have blood type a ?

The best way to determine your blood type without going to a doctor is asking your parents. Depending on their blood type will tell you what yours should be. If it is not the same as your parents then you know that you are adopted.

Can two parents with the O positive blood type with O blood positive type as well are they compactible?

There are no limitations on compatibility of parents based on blood type. Two O positive parents may have a child without any special concerns.

What are the useful of knowing the blood groups?

if you have a blood transfusion, knowing your blood group means you can tell the doctor, and get the right blood into you, or it can clot, if they put the wrong blood type into you

Can you know blood group without blood sample?

No. If you know your parents it's possible to make a good guess, but no guarantee.

If a mother has type B blood and father is type A what would the child be?

You cannot say for certain. Without knowing the exact genetical make-up (genotype) of both parents, the child could belong to any blood group (type): A, B, AB, or O. If the mother has blood group B, her genotype must be either IBIB or IBi. The father must, similarly, be IAIA or IAi. The child could therefore have any of the following genotypes: IAIB (type AB) IAi (type A) IBi (type B) ii (type O) We cannot calculate probabilities without knowing parents' genotypes

What if I don't have my parent's blood type or my sister's?

Every person has two alleles contributing to their blood type. Either of these can be A, B, or O. A person with both O and A alleles will have blood type A, and a person with both O and B will have blood type B. Thus, it is possible, and common, for A person with blood type A or B to be carrying the O allele without knowing it. Thus, if both parents have A and O, it is possible for their children to have blood type O, even though the parents both have blood type A. It is also possible for siblings to have inherited a different pair of alleles. The following possible blood types for children, given the types of the parents are: Parents: O, O: Child O. Parents: O, A: Child O or A. Parents: O, B: Child O or B Parents: O, AB: Child A or B Parents A, B: Child O, A, B, or AB. Parents A, A: Child O or A Parents A, AB: Child A, B, or O. Parents B, B: Child O or B Parents B, AB: Child A, B or AB Parents AB, AB: Child A, B or AB.

What is the difference between older and younger peoples blood pressure?

Basic Difference younger people blood pressure- High. older people blood pressure -Low.

Can someone be a vampire without knowing it?

No, you'd know if you were a vampire because you would have got bitten and then you would want to drink blood, ect.

What is the importance of knowing what is my blood tyope?

Knowing your blood type is important because if you are pregnant, having a negative blood type could put you in danger of having a miscarriage. Go to your doctor and see what blood type you have.

When you bend over you get dizzy and almost blackout?

Without knowing more about you, I would say it is a blood pressure issue. That is what you should start getting checked out.

Why doesn't a leech bite hurt?

Because their saliva has a type of anesthetic in it, preventing you from feeling when they bite you. This allows them to feed off of your blood without you knowing it.

How can a child's blood types be different than a parents blood?

Because O is recessive and A and B are dominant, both parents could be carrying an O form of the gene without it being apparent. If their baby inherited the O from each of them, the baby would have an O blood type.

What blood type can a baby have if both parents have type A blood?

If both parents have type A blood then the baby should have type A blood. or type O blood

Is my father my biological father he has blood type ab and my mom has blood type 0- my younger sister has bloodtype A?

Is my father my biological father if he has blood type ab+, and my mother has o+? My younger sister has blood type A+?

Is it possible to have a blood type different from your parents?

Yes, your blood type is determined by the blood types of your parents, but is not necesarily the same.

Is 146 over 66 good blood pressure?

The systolic may be a little high. It may be better at 130 - 140 (without knowing anything about your health).

Should children have same blood type as parents?

No. Often a child can have a completely different blood type from their parents or even the same. It really depends on their genetics.Some combinations of parents are unable to get children with certain blood types - assuming no mutations occur.Regarding the AB0-system:If both parents have blood type 0, all their children will have blood type 0.If both parents have blood type A, no children will have blood type B or AB.If both parents have blood type B, no children will have blood type A or AB.If both parents have blood type AB, no children will have blood type 0.Of course you can be more specific if you know the parents' genes.

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