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If it is cirrhosis of the liver, then yes it can get much worse, cirrhosis can be fatal so keep away from all toxins!!! Especially alcohol! It is usually a sign that the disease has progressed. It was shortly after I started bleeding internally that I was admitted for transplant.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-16 17:40:50
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Q: If you're a male with alcohol cirrhosis and you're bleeding is this one of the worst symptoms or could it get worse?
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Can cirrhosis be prevented?

Eliminating alcohol abuse could prevent 75-80% of all cases of cirrhosis.

How could cirrhosis be prevented?

Cirrhosis can be prevented by not drinking alcohol and taking care of yourself. Hepatitis C should be avoided as well, due to it being linked with cirrhosis.

How serious is it if you know you have alcohol cirrhosis and you bleed every time you go to the restroom?

You need to see your doctor immediately. There could be other reasons for your bleeding besides liver problems such as bleeding ulcers, colon polyps, etc. Do not put it off!! Good luck!

You are having period symptoms but no bleeding could you be pregnant?

Even in the presence of bleeding, you could still be pregnant.

Can liver cirrhosis be Inherited?

Cirrhosis is not inherited, although a tendency to develop it could be. The best way to avoid it is maintain a healthy lifestyle and not drink excessive amounts of alcohol.

What are the alcohol effects on liver?

Alcohol is actually a poison, its effects on the liver is that heavy prolong drinking could lead toCirrhosis of the liver - leading eventually to death.

What are some symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver?

Cirrhosis of the liver is a very serious condition. The liver store bile. Bile is acidic. If the liver malfunctions, there is a possibility that bile will leak, and this could have fatal ramifications on the body.

If you're bleeding for one day but have no symptoms could you still be pregnant?


What are some of the symptoms of gonorrhea?

Some symptoms of gonorrhea could be anal itching or bleeding, painful urination, genital itching, abnormal bleeding between periods, stomach pain, fever and swollen glands.

Could you be pregnant if you had symptoms cramps light bleeding occured at time of late period?

You could me aunt was that way when she had her twins.

Could cramping bloating light bleeding and nausea be signs of pregnancy?

yes they could, all those symptoms are those of pregnancy

How are symptoms of porphyria cutanea tarda prevented?

The first line of defense is avoidance of factors, especially alcohol, that could bring about symptoms.

Why no alcohol after colonoscopy?

Alcohol shouldn't be consumed a few days before before or after the procedure because alcohol thins the blood which could create problems if an injury and bleeding occurs.

Could you be pregnant if you're having pregnancy symptoms such as a metal taste in your mouth tender swollen bluish veins on breasts and frequent urination and fatigue but you're also bleeding?

It is still possible to have bleeding during pregnancy, you should still consult a Doctor because if you are pregnant the bleeding could be symptoms of certain pregnancy complications that could become dangerous, possibly life threatening.

Could you be pregnant if you have had a negative urine test at a doctor office irregular bleeding and symptoms of pregnancy?

Could have an ectopic pregancy. (Outside of the womb).

How do you know how bad cirrhosis of liver is?

Cirrhosis is the final stage of liver disease (before death). There is only one level of cirrhosis, which is "bad", since cirrhosis is progressive and non-reverisble. The stage before cirrhosis is called "fibrosis", which you could classify is "not as bad".

Could headaches and light cramping and nausea and light headedness be asociated with implantation bleeding when you should be ovulating?

There is usually no symptoms associated with implantation bleeding apart from vaginal bleeding 8-12 days after intercourse. Not every woman will experience implantation bleeding.

Is brown bleeding for 2 days at my third pregnancy week normal and what are the symptoms?

go to the hospital it could be an ectopic pregnancy

What does the term addictive mean speaking in terms of drugs and alcohol?

the term addictive means that you experience withdrawal symptoms when you discontinue use of the drug or intake of alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms could include: nausea, shakiness, cravings (of drug or alcohol), nervousness and paranoid state of mind. Depending on the addiction, drugs and alcohol may have different withdrawal symptoms, also depending on how intense the addiction was.

Could you be pregnant if your having pregnancy symptoms and your bleeding light two weeks early?

No it might just be you are unwell or you loss track of your period otherwise it depends what pregnancy symptoms you got

If you are bleeding 4 days before your period is due and you have a few pregnancy symptoms is there a chance you can still be pregnant?

Yes there is a chance you could be pregnant. You may be experiencing break through bleeding or late implantation bleeding. Do a test. Good luck.

Can I be pregnant I got my period late and am now experienceing pregnancy symptoms?

By saying you got your period late, means you got your period so if you are bleeding then no you are not pregnant. you could be freaking your self out and also when your bleeding you do get pregnancy symptoms sometimes. If you did not get your period get a pregnancy test to know for sure!

What happens when you get a negative on a pregnancy test but have the symptoms and then you get bleeding a few weeks later?

Could be an ectopic pregnancy, you should see a doctor immediately as that could be life-threatening.

What could be wrong if you have severe navel pain and bleeding?

Please contact a health professional immediately. Your symptoms could be a sign of a serious problem. No one can diagnose you online. You need to see a doctor. In person. Severe pain and bleeding is NEVER normal!

You have been on depo for two years you have had irregular periods but just spotting now you are bleeding heavy and have symptoms of pregnancy could you be pregnant?

If you suspect you are pregnant and you are bleeding heavily you should go to the ER ASAP.