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If you're a thin runner trying to gain weight what should you do?

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Generally people eat more or exercise less in order to gain weight. This process in order to be healthy needs to be carefully planned especially if you are an athlete.
Visit sports nutritionist for the best advice because professional athletes have very specific dietary needs in order to be fit and make physiological changes to their bodies.
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If the average human needs 2000 through calories to stay healthy how many calories should you burn per day?

It depends on if youre trying to lose weight, gain weight ,or stay the same. For example, if you're intaking 2000 calories a day, you should expend 2000 calories a day to stay that weight.

Is a 14 year old teenager supposed to weigh 137 pounds?

no, the reason for this is because, there is no specific number that can be fgiven. youre ideal weight should based on youre height, weight, age, and stat of puberty

If you are 4'10 how much should you weigh?

It depends on youre age. No one should care about there weight. Everyone is beautiful to someone and you should change yourself for anyone and you shouldnt worry about weight

Should you worry about your weight when your 12?

I think that you should worry about your weight beaause im 12 and I weigh 6 stone and if youre to fat yu should becarefull what you eat like burgers,junkfod... and if yuore to slim that means you need a little bit more fat in youre body.

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Does smoking crack cocaine cause rapid weight loss?

yes, as it makes you not concentrate on hunger and it increases your metabolism. you also tend to want to move around a lot more so youre burning even more calories with that. though if youre trying to lose weight i would not recommend this method haha :P

I'm a 15 year old female and is trying to lose weight I've just got off a diet but is gaining more weight what should I do?

one thing that might work would be having 6 small meals a day and i mean small to boost youre motabilisim and alot od frozen fruit and heaps of coffe will definitely boost youre motabilism wich means getting to burn more fat quicker. if you do 30-45 minutes of excersise a day and drink 2 litres of water a day that would help alot and remember after youre diet you should not go back to youre old eating habbits you should start eating healthy regularly and put the treats and bad snacks down to 1 day a week you will not lose weight quickly but this is a healthy way to do this and you would probably not put on aymore after because its such a healthier way to lose weight.

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