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I've been in a similar situation before. One of my best friends liked me, but I didn't feel the same way about him. I know that he liked me for at least two years, but thankfully he never stopped being my friend because of it. In my opinion, you should think about how good of a friend she is, and if you really want to lose her. I know my situation is reversed, and I'm not the person who did the liking, but I also know that he is still one of my best friends and that he has moved on. Have you tried to talk to her about this? If you haven't then maybe you should. My friend was very upfront about liking me. I just know that my friend decided that he would rather just be my friend than not have me in his life at all. Just do what you feel is right in your heart. It's easy to say stay as friends, but that's hard to do if hanging with her just brings out bad feelings that you wish you were more than friends. Since you are considering ending your friendship because of your feelings for her, what is the down side of telling her how you feel? It's not the loss of a friend, because you're thinking of ending your relationship anyway. In other words, not saying anything to her leaves you with one less friend and no girlfriend. But telling her how you feel leaves you with one less friend and a bruised ego or -- maybe, just maybe -- a girlfriend!

2006-09-12 04:05:12
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Why does my female friend have sexually Fantasizes about me?

If your female friend has sexual fantasies about you, she is likely attracted to you.

What does it mean when a friend asks if you have feelings for them?

They want to know if you are attracted to them romantically (do you have a crush on them)?

Why am I jealous when a certain female friend calls other guys the same pet name she calls me when I never felt this way before about other female friends in my past?

Because you are attracted to her.

What should I do when you are a woman and very attracted to your best female friend who doesn't know how you feel without ruining the friendship?

* Since you are her best friend you would know if she is bisexual or has lesbian tendencies and if not, then don't risk telling her your feelings as it will cause tension in your relationship. Straight is straight!

How can you know that am just a friend and he is not in attracted to you?

Because of how you type. lol

What should you do if you like your best friend who is a boy and you are a girl and you are both twelve?

You can confront your feelings to them. Age does not matter when you are attracted to someone.

Should i tell my ex guy friend my feelings im scared because he isn't my friend anymore and it might get worse because of my feelings?

No reason to, you should move on to your next guy.

What does it mean when a best friend does not want you to meet someone?

Is your best friend the opposite sex because if they are it sounds to me as if your friend has feelings for you.

Your boyfriend has a close female friend who is in love with him but he is not attracted to her however he is very physically affectionate with her and it makes you uncomfortable what should you do?

dump him

Why did your best friend asked whether you like her more than a friend?

Since your female friend asked you if you like her more than a best friend it is probably because she has more romantic feelings towards you. It is not that uncommon for two people of the opposite sex who start out as friends to end up lovers.

When my female friend chase after me I dont ask her out why does she not have anything to do with me now?

Your friend may be hurt that you do not reciprocate the feelings that she has for you. You might want to ask her why she is being so distant.

How do you know if you are gay and you like your straight friend?

You know you are gay if you have sexual feelings for people of the same gender. If you are gay, and you are attracted to a straight friend, you need to move on. You are only setting yourself up for heartache.

What to do when you are really attracted to your best mate?

When you are really attracted to your best mates you can do one of two things. You can choose to leave things as they are and hide your feelings, which doesn't put your friendship at risk. Alternatively, you can tell your friend how you feel and see what happens.

How do you cope with unrequited feelings for your best friend?

As they are your best friend, you may choose to tell them because it is somewhat of a right for you because you guys are best friends. It may seem a bit of a shock from them but you should be truthful to your best friend. You may find out that they have the same feelings for you as well

Is it better to tell a female friend how you feel or ask her out?

tell her how u feel first, so you can see if the feelings are mutual

Does a guy still have feelings for his ex if he asks her friend how she is doing?

More than likely. Because if he did not have feelings for her anymore then he would not be asking about her.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is attracted to your friend?

If he is having sex with her he is probably attracted to her.

Why Hermione loves ron but not Harry Potter?

She loved Harry, but as a friend loves another close friend. She loved Ron because she was attracted to him.

What are some type of feelings you can have for someone?

love feelings friend feelings

Why does your female friend act nervous around you?

She could generally be a nervous or shy person or chances are you may make her nervous as she has feelings for you.

Why do dogs react?

Because they have feelings, just like us humans. And because of those feelings that dogs and humans have in common, dogs have been regarded as the man's best friend.

Do you tell your friend her boyfriend told you he has feelings for you?

Yes because if you don't their are possibilitys that she will find out and think you are not a real friend by keeping secrets

What should you give a female friend when she feels down because she lost her best friend?

There is no drug. Just be there for her.

Is it appropriate to have opposite sex friend when you are trying to work things out with your girlfriend?

The worse thing you can do is have a female friend around while trying to work things out with your girlfriend because women tend to get jealous and your girlfriend may misunderstand your friend is simply a friend and there is no romantic feelings for each other. The magic word is 'communication' so call your girlfriend; go for a quiet walk and calmly talk about your relationship and where you both can improve upon it and keep your female friend at a distance for now.

What do you do if you're a bisexual female and you love your boyfriend but you have feelings for a chick friend?

Don't get me wrong I have no hard feelings for bisexuality cuz there are tons at my school... But if You were to think things through, you should ask yourself " is she bisexual as well" because if it's not... Get over it. If she is and your feelings are stronger for her then I would say to your boyfriend that things aren't working out