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You can hire an attorney or represent yourself but will eventually need to go to NY to finalize the divorce. Search the web for NY Court Divorce Forms. Just make sure if you've been served with papers already that you ANSWER in the time alotted! Good Luck.

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Q: If you're in CA and your husband filed for divorce in NY do you have to go to NY for the divorce or can you hire an attorney to represent you or represent yourself if you can't afford an attorney?
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Would it be a conflict of interest if my husband were to use the attorney that his ex-wife works for as a divorce attorney now?

Your question is some what difficult to follow. It would be a conflict of interest for the attorney to represent your husband against his ex-wife, who is the attorney's employee. It would not be a conflict for the attorney to represent your husband in a divorce against you, as you have no relationship with the attorney.

What happens when my husband can't afford to pay for my divorce attorney?

Pay For it yourself you cow

How do I divorce my husband in prison and I do not have contact with him?

Consult a good divorce attorney.

Can I sign divorce papers with a power of attorney?

I have a durable power of attorney for my husband, can I sign his name to divorce papers so I can get a divorce from him?

Can a NY lawyer represent husband and wife in a divorce?

Not as an attorney, but could mediate an agreement. Each has to pay exactly half the fees.

What do You do if you have proof your husband cheated and he denies it?

Get a divorce attorney.

Can the husband have to pay for wife's attorney in divorce?

in India it is not

I don't know where my husband is can you file for a divorce?

Yes, a person can file a divorce if the husband is not around. An attorney will be able to file paperwork with the courts to start divorce proceedings.

Wife abandon husband?

Many wives have abandoned husbands over the years. An attorney can file divorce papers and the husband will be granted a divorce.

Can you talk to the divorce attorney your husband consulted?

only pro se.

How do I divorce my husband?

Consult with an attorney in your jurisdiction who specializes in divorce who can review your situation and explain your rights and options.

If divorce and husband dies can you say you are a widow?

No because he is not still your husband. You have divorced yourself from him, so therefore have separated yourself from him.

If your husband deserted you for 8 years how do you get a divorce?

Obtain the proper forms, or retain an attorney and file divorce papers in court.

How do you go on with your life knowing your husband wants a divorce?

well you can get the divorce, or try to work it out with your husband, dont just feel sorry about yourself, take action!

In Texas what happens if your spouse refuses to give you an address so he can be served with divorce papers?

Ask your attorney about suing your husband for divorce "in absentia).

What kind of lawyer do i need if i am going to divorce my husband that i am partner in a small business with?

Any divorce attorney should be capable of handling this case.

Will you get compensation from your husband after divorce?

You need to arrange a consultation with a divorce attorney in your area who can review your situation and explain your options under the laws in your jurisdiction.

Is it a conflict of interest that your divorce attorney is good friends and speaks daily with a woman your husband would like to marrY?

Absoultely! If your soon-to-be ex husband is in a relationship with this woman it is a serious conflict. How can you expect to get fair and unbiased legal representation? Find another attorney, file against this attorney for conflict of interest and get on with the divorce!

What can i do my husband signed divorce and custody papers from me by cheating?

The best thing to do is to seek legal counsel from an attorney .

What is the wife legal right when a Husband abandons her?

A wife has the right to seek an attorney for a divorce if a husband abandons her. She will need support for herself as well as her children.

Can you leave your husband before you file for divorce?

according to my sister who is filing for a divorce your husband can sue for abandonment or use it against you later in court unless you have at least discussed this with ur attorney and he leads you in right direction

What are your rights if you are in a lengthy marriage and your husband is cheating on you?

Divorce laws are established by the state. You should contact an attorney in your area.

Can you make your husband pay for the separation and divorce if he is abusive and advertises wanting women at adult dating sex websites?

Your divorce attorney can write up the court filing papers so that they include a provision that your husband absorb the cost.

Can a couple share the same divorce attorney?

I don't know if the law is the same in all states, but since my divorce was not contested, we used the same attorney and split the attorney fees. Although, the attorney made it very clear to my ex husband that since I was the one who filed for divorce and hired him, then I was the one he officially represented. So check with an attorney and see if you and your spouse can do the same. But you and he or she will have to agree on everything, or else you will need separate attorneys.

How can you divorce your husband if you can not locate him?

Talk to your attorney. There are many different methods acceptable to the court for service of papers to a missing person.