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The combination pill, like all Birth Control pills only prevents pregnancy upto 98% so because of this, there is still a 2% risk of pregnancy occurring ANYTIME during the time you're taking birth control pill.

If you miss a pill or a few pills, the chance of pregnancy is increased. To prevent pregnancy 100% it is always advisable to use a condom every time you have sex. When you are on birth control pills you will not ovulate hun.

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Q: If you're on the combination pill are you protected the whole month even during the time ovulation occurs?
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Does ovulation occurs during pregnancy?

No it does not.

What occurs during ovulation?

Ovulation is when the mature egg is released from an ovarian follicle.

When does ovulation occurs?

ovulation occurs about 14 days after menstruation. (your period)

Does LH peak during ovulation or only before ovulation?

The peak in LH triggers ovulation. "During ovulation" is only an instant in time, so it's not really separated from "before ovulation." When LH peaks, ovulation occurs, so if I had to pick, I would say during ovulation. See this:

Which days of menstruation does ovulation occur?

Ovulation doesn't occur during menstruation, it typically occurs two weeks beforehand.

What occurs differently if the egg is fertilized during ovulation?

The woman becomes pregnant.

Where does ovulation occur?

Ovulation occurs in the ovaries.

Can ovulation occur anytime during a monthly cycle?

Yes ovulation can occur at anytime during the cycle, but it most commonly occurs 2 weeks after the begining of the cycle.

The surge in luteinizing hormone that occurs during the middle of the ovarian cycle triggers?


Does it hurt when ovulation occurs?

Ovulation in and of itself is not painful. Some experience pain during ovulation, but such pain is not caused by the procss of ovulation. Rather it's caused by an ovarian cyst which is painful upon rupture.

Do you ovulate in the beginning of pregnancy?

Ovulation occurs about two weeks before your period. And during the time of ovulation is when you can get pregnant. So essentially ovulation causes pregnancy if the egg is properly fertilized.

Do females release eggs while spotting?

Possibly; spotting sometimes occurs at the time of ovulation due to the small dip in estrogen levels during ovulation.

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