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== == You are very young but I think they would considering you should alwayz protect yourself no matter how old! I used to buy them before I turned 18 a better idea than going to buy them at 12 is to ask at school as they can give them out. another way is a local health clinic as they give them for free to anyone under 18 who asks. And... if you are confident enough with your family (just in case) ask a sibling/mum or dad to get some in the house, then if you and the partner go a bit overboard then there will always be some there. although at 12 it depends on how mature physically and mentally you are to have sex. i first had sex at 14 and was very mature and even at 16 i sometimes got stressed and even burst out crying once. be very careful!

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Q: If you're only 12 can you go to ASDA and buy a pack of condoms?
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