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If you read the books it is never mentioned, but I had it with both my pregnancies.

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Can you be pregnant and have a regular period and then spott a little?

yea that's normal for the first three months sweetheart

Is it normal to have sore and heavy breast when your three weeks pregnant?

Yes. Breast changes are one of the first most noticeable signs of pregnancy.

Have women experienced a period while pregnant?

Yes. A friend of mine had her period during the first three months of her pregancny and her gynae said this was normal.

If you are pregnant can you still get your periods?

Yes, but typically they won't be as heavy or as long as a normal period. A pregnancy test may or may not indicate that you are pregnant at this point. You would want to have a blood test done for a definitive answer. I had cyclical bleeding during the first three months of my first pregnancy.

Are dairy cows always pregnant?

No. There are two or three months of every year they are not pregnant. They have to be let be this way so that they can regenerate their normal estrus cycle in order to be able to breed again. Once they have two or three normal estrus cycles, they are re-bred again.

If you think you're pregnant is it normal for you to be spotting blood the first three weeks?

no you only spot once around the time you expecting your next period and last for 2 days only

Is it possible that you can be pregnant and menstruate at the same time?

I had three period when I was pregnant with my first so it is possible but very rare! :-)

Could you be pregnant if you had a normal period last week but you thought you conceived three weeks ago and you got sick and dizzy two days ago?

yes you could be pregnant but its unlikely because of the normal period. do a pregnancy test.

Is it normal to miss your period if you just started it for the first time?

Yess. Periods at first are not normal. When I first started I would have one every three months. Relax.

Do you count the three weeks of conception?

When determining how long you have been pregnant you count the first day of your LMP. By the time you miss your first period, you will be 4 wks pregnant.

If you think youre pregnant is it normal for you to be spotting blood the first three weeks?

Spotting fresh blood during early pregnancy does occur and can be harmless but bleeding for 3 weeks is something that needs investigating by your doctor.

Can you be three months pregnant an not have much of a belly?

yes. that's normal. you wont show until like 4-5 mths.

Is it normal if you took your first birth control pill the first day of your period and now on month 2 you still haven't had your period?

It is very normal! The way birth control is designed, is to make your body think it's pregnant. This means that you most likely won't have a period and if you do, it is usually very light and lasts about three days.

Can you take piriton allergy tablets while pregnant?

There is no evidence, but it is recommended that you do not take piriton while pregnant, especially in the first three months.

What percent of people get pregnant on the first time?

Of all couples trying to conceive, here's about how long it takes:30 percent get pregnant the first cycle (about one month)59 percent get pregnant within three cycles (about three months)80 percent get pregnant within six cycles (about six months)85 percent get pregnant within 12 cycles (about one year)91 percent get pregnant within 36 cycles (about three years)93 to 95 percent get pregnant within 48 cycles (about four years)

If your period comes early does that mean you are pregnant?

You can have a period for about three months after you have become pregnant, my mother had her's for about three months while she was pregnant with me.. That was actually the first time she had her menstrual any consecutive months.. Normally she would have her period once maybe twice a year. But when she got pregnant it was the first time she had her period more than once a year.

Is it normal to bleed heavily for the first three weeks while on the pill?

No this isn't normal. See your doctor about changing the pill.

Could you be pregnant if you have your period and only bleed for three days but then have a few spots on the 4th and 5th days?

there is a strong possibility. If the bleeding was heavy for the first 3 days then no there is no chance of pregnancy. This sounds like a normal period.

How much weight normal in 7 months pregnancy?

In general, women gain pproximately 2 to 4 pounds during the first three months you're pregnant and 1 pound a week during the rest of your pregnancy.

Is Ciara three months pregnant?

No, she is not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if a test a week before your period was negative and your period was stronger than normal but only lasted three days?

It is unlikely

Is it possible for your stomach to get bigger earlier if your pregnant?

If you are already fat when you get pregnant you will show earlier. If you are skinny you may not show until three or four months. This is completely normal for women to show at different times.

How long does it take for you to get the pregnant signs?

You should see them start in the first three months after the sex.

Is it hard to get pregnant after you had a miscarriage three months ago?

It's the same as before the first pregnancy.

Can you be pregnant if you have what seems to be three normal periods and have taken three pregnancy tests and they are all negative and have had unprotected sex?

you can be, however it is not likely. Go to the doctor!! that's the only way to know for sure.