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If you have a guy friend then you can hardly expect your mate to give up his gal friends. It isn't necessary. My husband knows women that are his friends and I have male friends. I often ask them over for dinner. A confident person will feel no threat in doing so. Believe it or not it is possible to have friends of the opposite sex. I've had a male friend for over 30 years. He's married and has two kids and his wife and I get along very well. Marcy

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Q: If you're talking to a guy and he has other female friends is it possible that he would give them up for you and what if you told him that you have a guy friend yourself?
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What is the difference between gender and sex?

Sex identifies yourself as a male or a female by just your sexual organs, however, gender is how you mentally define yourself as a male or a female. It is possible for a person to be both a male and a female.

How do you get female friends in Gmail?

female friends

Is it normal for a guy to have a lot of friends that are women Even if he has a live in girlfriend?

It is possible for a guy to have many female friends while he still has a live in girlfriend.

Is it shallow for people to think that a male and a female cannot be friends?

* It is very possible for a male and female to be friends. However, if they had a romantic relationship before they decided to just become friends it generally doesn't work out because one or the other is still in love with that person.

How do you say your love in Hebrew?

if you are a male (talking about an emotion) = ahavatkha (אהבתך) if you are a female (talking about an emotion) = ahavatekh (אהבתך) if you are a male (talking about a beloved male) = ahuvkha (אהובך) if you are a male (talking about beloved female) = ahuvatkha (אהובתך) if you are a female (talking about a beloved male) = ahuvekh (אהובך) if you are a female (talking about beloved female) = ahuvatekh (אהבתך)

Can be just friends a male and a female?

Yes it is possible but boundaries need to made perfectly clear and you both have to respect them.

What does copines mean in French?

copines means either girlfriend or female friend in French. A girl can speak about her copines, and they are female friends. If this is a guy talking, you have to deduce it from the context, attitude, etc...

Will a husband cheat with his female friends?

It is quite normal for a husband to have a very few female friends, but not a great number. It is possible if your husband has known a woman in the past for a long while to have a platonic relationship with her without cheating on you. If this bothers you and you are having some marriage difficulties then you should learn to communicate with your husband and tell him how you feel. If he is just friends with a couple of women and you don't believe he has ever cheated on you then invite his female friends (one at a time) for dinner. If your husband bulks at this idea then it is highly possible his so called female friends mean a little more to him than just friendship. You might suggest to him that he sees more of his male friends.

How do you say 'am I your friend' in hebrew?

It depends on your gender and the gender you are talking to: A male talking to a male = ani khavehr shelkha A male talking to a female = ani yadid shelakh A female talking to a female = ani khaverah shelakh A female talking to a male = ani yedidah shelkha

What is I am going crazy being away from you in Hebrew?

A male talking about a male: ani mishtage'a bil'adekha A male talking about a female: ani mishtage'a bil'adekh A female talking about a male: ani mishtaga'at bil'adekha A female talking about a female: ani mishtaga'at bil'adekh

How do you get yourself horny?

Male If you are are a Male you play with your own dick or a friends. Female Rub something against your clit or watch porn

How do i say you in Arabic?

you:anta" if you are talking to a male. you:ante" if you are talking to a female. you:antom" if you are talking to a group of people. you:antonna" if you are talking to a group of female you:antoma" if you are talking to two persons males or females.

How should I handle if my BF says he will stop being friends with his girl co-worker but I know they are still communicating Is he lying to me by still talking with her Any advice?

Asking a BF to stop being friends with female coworkers is not wise on many fronts. 1 It is not possible for a male not to want to communicate with a female 2 He will end up lieing to you that he is not talking to them and compound the problems at hand 3 What is your insecurity with him talking to other females anyway?, if he is barely hanging on to you and the next pretty face can take him away do you really want him? 4 And being honest the problem seems to be with you not him. am

Do men have fantasies about their female friends?

Some say that female friends are just friends you haven't been intimate with yet.

Do female best friends live together and die together even if they both don't have mates?

It is possible but it would be extremely rare.

How should i tell my best female friend and roommate I'm a crossdresser?

Yes. If they stop talking to you, don't blame yourself, because it's their problem, NOT yours!

How do you get a boy to fancy you when he has lots of female friends?

There is not really much you can do. Practice good grooming . If you know what he is interested in, learn something about it, so that you will have something to start talking about.

Are you a gay if you are a female and like your female friends breasts?

It is possible to enjoy the appearance of breasts in a completely platonic way. However, if you experience sexual attraction to the breasts -and hence the friend- then perhaps you are homosexual.

Should you let your wife and her female friends run a strapon train on you?

Yes, as long as they are her female friends

What is 'female friends' when translated from English to Italian?

"Female friends" in English is amiche in Italian.

Is it possible to get a female riolu?

it has 87.5% change to be male, 12.5% to be female. so it is possible

How do you ask how are you in Arabic?

say for example " keef halak?" when talking to a male. say " keef halek?" when talking to a female. or you can say " keef elhal?" when talking to either a male or a female.

How do you say Be different in Hebrew?

if talking to a male: hishtanehif talking to a female: hishtanah if talking to a group: hishtanu

How do you say I worship you in Hebrew?

I worship you male talking to male = אני מעריץ אותך (aní ma'arits ot'cha)male talking to female = אני מעריץ אותך (aní ma'arits otach)female talking to male = אני מעריצה אותך (aní ma'aritsa ot'cha)female talking to female = אני מעריצה אותך (aní ma'aritsa otach)male talking to God = אני משתחווה לך (aní mishtachaveh lecha)female talking to God = אני משתחווה לך (aní mishtachavah lecha)

How do you say Beloved in Polish?

"Ukochana" if you are talking to a female or "ukochany" if you are talking to a male.