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Can you get health insurance if you have lupus?

if you are on disability for lupus how do you get medical benefits

Can you get auto insurance if you've been diagnosed with lupus?

Yes you can get auto insurance if you've been diagnosed with lupus. If, however, you have central nervous system involvement and are prone to seizures you might have a problem getting or keeping your license, and therefore not insurable. Otherwise there is absolutely no reason why you cannot get auto insurance. The question is never asked.

At which age is lupus most commonly diagnosed?

Lupus is most commonly diagnosed in women in their childbearing years.

Can a person have Fibromyalgia and Lupus?

There are those that are diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia and Lupus.

How many people are diagnosed with lupus a year?

Since lupus is not an infectious disease there is no agency to which a diagnosis is reported. The Lupus Foundation of America estimates that 16,000 patients are diagnosed in America each year.

What year did Michael Jackson get lupus?

He was first diagnosed with lupus in 1979,when he was 21, according to sister La Toya. He was also diagnosed with lupus by Dr Arnold Klein in 1986 (age 28).

What insurance company will provide medical coverage for a person with lupus?

The Affordable Care Act, if it is upheld by the courts, makes certain changes in the ability for insurers to exclude applicants from coverage based upon certain preexisting conditions. Normally, there are preexisting condition exclusions in private health insurance policies. These exist so as to allow insurers to maintain a balance between the cost (premiums) for insurance relative to the magnitude of the risk assumed.

Can you be denied insurance if you have lupus?

Many lupus patients find it difficult to obtain health insurance, especially if they are not part of a large employee group. Policies about insuring lupus patients can vary from insurance company to insurance company. Some may consider it a pre-existing condition. Others may not cover lupus related expenses until you have had a period of six months or more where the disease has been relatively calm or stable. Again, it varies from company to company.

How long has toni braxton had lupus?

Toni Braxton was diagnosed in 2008 when she was hospitalized with what doctors thought was a heart attack. On further in vestigation, the doctors diagnosed her with lupus. Lupus can affect any of the muscle layers of the heart. Lupus patients are 50 times more likely to suffer a heart attack than the general population.

How old are people who have lupus?

Lupus can affect anyone at any age but it is most commonly first diagnosed in women of childbearing age.

Can heptatis b positive patient be diagnosed with lupus?

If a person is positive for hepatitis B that has nothing to do with lupus one way or the other. The two are not related.

What is the difference between fibromyalgia and systemic lupus disease?

Lupus is a disease that can be diagnosed through blood tests. Fibromyalgia is a disorder categorized by a group of symptoms that are similar to those of Lupus, but there is no specific test for Fibromyalgia.

What other conditions is relapsing polychondritis often diagnosed with?

It is frequently diagnosed along with rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, and other connective tissue diseases.

How often does lupus occur?

In the United States lupus affects about 1.5 million people. Worldwide it is estimated that at least 5 million people have lupus. These are estimates. Doctors do not report each diagnosis of lupus that they make. No government agency requires that a diagnosis of lupus be reported. Lupus statistics are gleand from hospital discharge diagnoses. If a person is diagnosed with lupus but had not been hospitalized, their diagnosis will not appear in the statistics. If a person is hospitalized for a complicaton of lupus, the discharge statement may not even mention lupus.

What is the age people are most likely to have lupus?

Lupus is most commonly diagnosed in women between the ages of 14 and 45 (90%) but can occur in any person at any age.

Can a person with lupus get health insurance in Illinois?

A person can get insurance in IL with lupus. The only catch is to find out if you will have a pre-exisitng clause in your policy contract or if lupus could be an excluded condition. It could take a little more patience to find an insurer without this clause as it is pretty common but it is possible. Also take into account how long the pre-exisitng clause if for. If you already have health insurance, by law your current insurer is required to send you a certificate of credible coverage (COCC) which will reduce any number of months you would have to wait on a new policy by how many months you were previously insured. So say you had insurance for a year.. then the policy termed. Two months later you get a new policy through a new insurer with a 12 months pre-x clause- you wouldn't have a wait because you have 12 months of credible coverage. Does that make sense? Shop around and let me know what you find. If you decide on an individual policy find out how much it would be to waive pre-x and if a COCC could apply to that type of policy. I hope this was helpful, Evan

Is anti jka antibody associated with lupus?

I have anti jka antibody and have now been diagnosed with SLE

How many women in us have lupus?

There are between 1.5 million and 2 million Americans who have lupus. The number is not a count but an estimate based on phone surveys. There is no agency that tracks people who are diagnosed. That said, 9 out of 10 lupus patients are women.

Is there a relation between Lupus and Beta Thalassemia Minor?

I have reason, though unscientific, to believe there may be a connection. Beta-Thalassemia minor is diagnosed in my family (myself, my children, and sporadic occurrences in older relatives), the older relatives first were diagnosed with lupus, had no idea they carried the BTM genetic disorder until a younger member was diagnosed and they were subsequently tested.

Can your 12 year old son have lupus?

Although it is most commonly diagnosed in women of child-bearing age, lupus can affect anyone of any gender or any age. It is possible for your 12 year old son to have lupus. If you think your son might have lupus you should make an appointment to have him seen by a doctor.

Can someone be wrongly diagnosed with Systemic lupus erythematosus?

There is no single definitive test for diagnosing lupus. A diagnosis is based on symptoms, history, a variety of tests, and process of elimination. Because of this subjective component, it is possibly to be wrongly diagnosed. A good rheumatologist will work hard and carefully to be sure the diagnosis is correct.

Where can you find individual health insurance with lupus?

It depends upon what state you live in. If you live in Maine, you can buy an individual health insurance policy and the insurer cannot turn you away. The price will be based upon your gender, your age, and your zip code. It will not be based upon your health status. There are several other states that have similar rules. All states will have this rule starting in 2014.

Can you be a kid to get lupus?

Lupus symptoms can sprout in childhood, however it is usually very rare. I was 8 when I first started showing symptoms. But due to the fact that it's rare I was not was diagnosed with lupus until I was 10 years old after many trips to blood clinics and rheumatologists.

What has the author Suzy Szasz written?

Suzy Szasz has written: 'Lupus' -- subject(s): Systemic lupus erythematosus, Patients, Health, Biography

Did Michael Jackson like going swimming?

Yes, but he was diagnosed with lupus, and he became allergic to the sun. That's why he carried an umbrella.

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