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if your worried about anything go to your doctor they can answer your questions a lot better than anyone on the internet since they know your medical history hope everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!

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Q: If you've been on the shot for about a year and have been having cramping for the past week what is that from?
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How soon would you feel the stretching in your uterus during pregnancy?

That can being as early as six weeks -- sometimes early if you have been pregnant in the past. If the cramping you feel is accompanied by blood or is excrutiating, contact your OBs office at once as you could be having a miscarriage.

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You are on day 8 after period have been having dull continuous cramping for past 5 days Trying to conceive could you be pregnant even after you got your period?

yes you can If you are trying to conceive you could be ovulating or that could be your last period. Let me clairfy for you if you are cramping where is the pain coming from it your left side then maybe you ovlulating How normal was your period was it on time was it normal for you. If not then you could have conceive prior to this period

Have been having mild cramping for the past 2 weeks period is due at the end of this week had unprotected sex for a week over 2 weeks ago trying to get pregnant Tests all say negative am i pregnant?

Yes you could be, test again after your period is due.

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You are nine weeks pregnant and have been experiencing light bleeding for the past three days No cramping though but you are a little worried what should I do and does this mean that I have miscarried?

go to the doctor dummy

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Could you be miscarrying if you have spotted a couple of times cramping and having discharge in the past week?

Go to your doctor immediately if you think you are miscarrying. If you bleed like a period, then there is trouble. Spotting is normal (within bounds) as long as it isn't enough to have to wear a pad. Cramping is normal. Discharge is also normal if it is brownish or pink, but not bright red.

If Have been having serious pain in the breast for the past 9years what can i do?

well, do you sleep with a bra on at night?

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I never get heavy periods but this month I had to change my tampon every hour.i had blood clots also. yesterday i had light spotting and for the past 2 weeks i have been dizzy cramping nausea?

See a doctor!

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what has sulfur been used in the past?what has sulfur been used in the past?

Could you be pregnant and still have your period if you've been having your period for the past few months but they have been late and light and you've been trying to conceive?

Its possible but unlikely.

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You never get heavy periods but this month you had to change your tampon every hour had blood clots. also yesterday you had light spotting and for the past 2 weeks you have been dizzy cramping nausea?

It sounds as if you had a miscarriage, if you are still having symptoms see your doctor. It is also possible you have a sexually tranmitted disease. Other things are possible but these are the two most likely.

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You have been having cramping for the past 3wks along with spotting and a large amount of discharge Dr did internal and said could be uterine infection but could you be pregnant?

Cramping could be a symptom of many things: gall bladder problems, appendicitis, intestinal blockage, kidney stones, uterine infection -- to name just a few. If you are pregnant, or think you may be, letting these symptoms go for three weeks unchecked is a very bad thing. You may have already aborted. If your doctor hasn't done anything about it, you need to get a second opinion.