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It clears itself very quickly. You'd probably not be able to notice any effects within 3 days. Within a week, your levels would be so low that it could not be detected by any drug test.

Adderall will clear your system very quickly. I've been self-medicating with it - under my doctor's supervision - for years. I only take it when I feel like I need it. When I don't take it for a day or two, it's affects disappear completely...just that quickly. I take a relatively high dosage too.


I disagree. In fact, Ibelieve the above answer is SO mistaken that I'm curious to know what amount he considers a large dose? I have taken Adderall since I was 16, graduating from 10 mg 2x/day to 20 mg 2x & 10 mg 1x for a total of 50 mg/day....... But.... since I got in law school, I was used a little more than i should have; sometimes upwards of 90=100 mg/day. 18 weeks later, it literally feels like I'm taking a flintstone vitamin, and I feel dreary and sleepy if I don't take it. I didn't a single pill over Thanksgiving break (5 days), and on Monday, my tolerance (aka immunity) was the same as it had been the week prior. We'll see what happens over Christmas.

ANSWERObviously 90 mg is NOT the norm! 40mg is the recommended Maximium dose for most people. Unless you are quite LARGE, (over 300 lbs) At 90 mg your body may be showing the negative effects of drug abuse and addiction, and the dangers of permanent damage to your body- especially your heart! HELLO! - It IS an amphetamine!!! For those taking it properly / as recommended, you visibly notice as it wears off daily, even in small amounts, like 5 mg. A pharmacist could probably tell you EXACTLY how long it remains in your system... or at least give you printed information that contains those details.


I agree that it sounds to be more likely adverse effects of abuse, building up a tolerance, etc. (90 mgs sounds like a physiological as well a physical dependence). Under a doctor's supervision I take 30 mg XR a day, and if I stop taking them (like if I inadvertently let myself run out of them) about 6 to 12 hours after the last dose wears off, I am so lethargic I can barely force myself to move. But by the third day I am able to function pretty well physically and mentally, all things considered. I'm 57, 150 lbs, good health, and take Adderall to some of the effects of the Celexa and Lamictal I take, as well as to help my concentration and energy levels at work. Back in the 60s I dabbled in illicit amphetamines, and I can attest to their addictive nature. IMO, 90 mgs and the accompanying effects are no different than what I experienced back then - - - physical and mental addiction.

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Q: If you've been taking Adderall for 6 months and you would like to quit how long does it take for it to be completely out of your system?
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If taking 60 to 80 mg's of Adderall for about 3 months how long will it take to clear your system for a urine test?

was it instant release or extended release?

You were taking adderall xr 20mg a day for five months you have not taken adderall for three months Will it still be detectible in drug test?

It won't show up in a standard urine test after a week.

When taking adderall do your pupils ever decrease in size?

No. Adderall is a sympathomimetic, and stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system causes the pupils to dilate, not contract.

Can you take zanaflex after taking Adderall?

Yes. No interactions were found with taking Adderall and zanaflex together.

How do you clean Adderall out of your system?

Since Adderall is excreted through your kidneys, one of the ways to clean it out of your system is to drink, or take, any diuretic such as drinking caffeinated beverages, eating chocolate, or taking medication such as lasix. However, do this with caution, because both caffeine and Adderall are stimulants, taking them at the same time may be dangerous.

What can cleanse your system of marijuana afternot smoking for months and then taking 3 hits?

What can cleanse your system of marijuana afternot smoking for months and then taking 3 hits?

Can you take prevacid while taking Adderall?

Yes, it increases the effect of the methanphetamine in the adderall

Can 30mg of Adderall kill you?

No, but be careful taking adderall if you have heart problems. adderall causes rapid heartrate, as amphetamines do. Adderall is a composition of 4 amphetamine salts.

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Why don't you feel anything after taking 100mg of Adderall?

Adderall is not a hallucinogenic drug, so not feeling anything after taking it once is quite normal.

Can you do cocaine while taking Adderall?

No; cocaine and Adderall which contains amphetamine are both central nervous system stimulants. The combination can cause sudden death and heart attack along with psychotic symptoms.

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