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Are you sure it is a "lymph node" or is it perhaps an impacted salivary gland? Both are common after dental work on the lower jaw. A quick visit to the ENT will put your fears to rest. Overwhelmingly, it's nothing to worry about.

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What could be the cause of an enlarged lymph node?

something as simple as an infection and something as serious as cancer

Can lymph nodes be a symptom of wisdom teeth extraction?

Enlarged and tender lymph nodes are a symptom of infection. If you've had an extraction and are now experiencing tender, enlarged lymph glands, you should contact your dentist or family doctor.

What are enlarged peripancreatic lymph nodes?

peripancreatic lymph near pancreas

What tells a doctor if your lymph nodes are enlarged?

Palpation (feeling) tells your health care provider if your lymph nodes are enlarged.

What are the significance of enlarged lymph nodes connected to breast cancer?

The significance of enlarged lymph nodes connected to breast cancer is that when these lymph nodes get enlarged by either cancerous cells or other problems, it may be felt at breast examination.

What is the icd code for reactive lymph node?

A reactive lymph node is the same as an enlarged lymph node. Lymph nodes can become enlarged for a variety of reasons, most of which aren't serious. The ICD code for a reactive lymph node is 785.6.

The enlarged lymph nodes of bubonic plague victims are called?

Buboes are the enlarged lymph nodes that are noticeable in victims of bubonic plague. Buboes occur in the lymph nodes of the armpit and groin areas of the body.

What is hillar lympahdenopathies?

A hilum is a place where arteries, veins, and nerves enter and leave a structure. There hilums all over the body including the spleen, kidney, lung, and lymph nodes. Lymphadenopathy means that something is wrong with the lymph nodes. But in general usage it means the lymph nodes are enlarged. So in hilar lymphadenopathy, there are lymph nodes around whatever organ that are enlarged.

What is reactive lymph?

A reactive lymph node is a lymph node which is enlarged and usually tender, due to disease of the part of the body that it drains.

Lump in armpit?

Most likely it's an enlarged lymph node. The question is why it's enlarged, and for that you should see a physician. Could be a cold, could be cancer. See a physician.

What is the term for enlarged or palpable lymph nodes?

the term for englared or palpable lymph nodes is lymphadenopathy.

Why are nodes lymph enlarged?

Lymph nodes act as a drainage system. Depending in which part of the body inflamed lymph nodes can mean infection

What can cause enlarged lymph nodes?

Enlarged lymph nodes can be caused from many things. This includes an illness or infection. Some cancers can also cause swollen lymph nodes. See a doctor as soon as possible to rule out serious problems.

What is pathological adenopathy?

Pathological adenopathy means that glands are enlarged. This usually is used to refer to the lymph nodes when they are enlarged.

Can enlarged lymph nodes in your back mean anything?

It can. The nodes are making more white blood cells than they usually do. And this is in response to something that they are trying to "kill" or "remove". Does your doctor know? If not you should see him now.

What are mildly enlarged periportal and gastrohepatic ligament lymph nodes?

Mildly enlarged periportal and gastrohepatic ligament lymph nodes are usually seen in malignancies of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and lymphoma. For those with enlarged periportal and gastrohepatic ligament lymph nodes without evidence of the above malignancies, biopsies are recommended to ascertain where the malignant cells are coming from.

In what to cases are lymph nodes removed during malignant melanoma surgery?

If the patient has enlarged lymph nodes or the depth of the tumor has led to the evaluation by CAT scan showing enlarged nodes, resection of the nodes will be considered.

What is hilar adenopathy?

Hilar adenopathy is a term for enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes.

What is mildly enlarged lymph nodes of porta hepatis?

enlarged lymph nodes (portahepatis)may be due to:- 1)inflammatory due to chronic cholicystitis. 2)neoplastic (abdominal lymphoma) 3)as a metastasis due to adenocarcinoma of the stomach.

Can wisdom teeth cause enlarged lymph nodes or an enlarged spleen?

I had an enlarged spleen and enlarged lymph nodes and it turned out that I had Mono. I don't think your "spleen" has anything to do with your wisdom teeth coming in. But, in uncommon cases, infection to your wisdom teeth can sometimes cause enlarged lymph nodes, but only if the teeth are "impacted". A dental impaction is where an unearthed tooth is growing in crooked underneath the gumline. This also causes other dental problems such as crooked teeth. If the lymph nodes your are referring to are painless and are swelling with other symptoms, then you might have a serious condition, which also means you need to see a doctor immediately. The swelling in the lymph nodes in your neck are the ones to swell if your teeth are infected from an impaction. Also, only the lower teeth can cause lymph node swelling in your neck. The nodes will be tender, moveable, and causing pain in any way. Any kind of severe infection in your mouth, including a wisdom tooth infection, can cause your lymph nodes to become larger. The spleen should not be directly affected though.

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