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Did you have the surgery on the same plan you have now?

Did you admit to this surgery on the application?

How long is the pre-x clause?

Does your state require that your present coverage count the time on a prior plan towards the pre x?

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Are mamagrams considered pre existing condition?

No, a mammogram is a test used to check for breast cancer, it is not a condition at all. Preexisting conditions are medical conditions you had prior to entering a health plan such as hypertension or diabetes.A mammogram is a test, not a condition as stated. To deny someone medical insurance stating that the mammogram they had was a preexisting condition is just a way these health insurance plans try to reduce the amount they have to pay on claims only wanting you to pay into them.

Can A payer can cancel a patient policy or deny payment on a claim if the patient failed to disclose a preexisting condition?

Under federal health reform rules, an insurer can cancel a policy only for fraud on the application. Omitting a pre-existing condition might be considered fraud, especially if the condition is significant. The insurer could choose to continue the policy, but would have the right to deny claims for the pre-existing condition. If you had a 63-day gap in coverage, for example, the insurer could deny those claims for the first 12 months. After the 12 months ends, the insurer would have to start paying claims for all of your medical conditions.

Is degenerative disc disorder a preexisting condition?

Degenerative disc disorder is a pre-exisiting condition that most insurance companies would likely place a "rider" on. The rider basically says that the insurance company will not pay any claims related to the degenerative disc. Some companies may still cover any medication prescribed for the problem.

Is autism a preexisting condition?

With the passage of the affordable heath care act, companies are no longer allowed to deny claims and coverage based on "preexisting conditions"; as such most of the debate has been rendered moot.however, it is not considered a preexisting condition insofar as a when the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has first been identified. The autism spectrum covers an extensive variety of conditions and symptoms, while highly autistic cases can be easily identified at age two, less severe or obvious cases such as Asperger's and PDD-NOS will evade detection or go unidentified and thus untreated sometimes well into adulthood. As such the date of first coverage should coincide with the date of diagnosis and no later.

Has Ricki-Lee Coulter had any plastic surgery?

Ricki-Lee Coulter claims to have never had any plastic surgery.

Your insurance company paid all of your claims for a surgery you have had and now they are reviewing a different claim for pre-existing condition can they go back on the claims they paid and take the?

The answer may depend upon the diagnosis codes used. From your question, it sounds like the procedures had different codes and therefore, the claims should have been coded differently to reflect the different conditions. However, insurance companies conduct random audits on their accounts on a fairly regular basis. If they find that claims previously paid were related to a pre-existing condition, they will investigate those claims and may try to recoup the prior payments.

Can you be denied health insurance due to preexisting medical conditions if your job status becomes permanent and qualify for health insurance?

Usually you won't be denied coverage outright, but expect your coverage to have limitations that will prevent you from making claims directly related to your preexisting condition. If your coverage includes life insurance, expect similar limitations.For example, if you have a heart problem, they probably will not cover any medical expenses from a surgery, but if you dropped a heavy box on your foot at work, they would cover expenses for a broken toe. Or with life insurance, they probably wouldn't pay out if you died of a heart attack (if you have existing heart condition) but if you were hit and killed by a vehicle at work (God forbid), you would have coverage.Ultimately the decision to cover you, or not, is the insurance provider's to make.

Why did Michael Jackson keep getting plastic surgery?

he claims he only had plastic sugery on his nose.

Does the State of Kentucky allow retroactive homeowners insurance claims?

Pre-existing home damage.Retroactive in what way? the state of Kentucky?Homeowners Insurance Policies do not cover preexisting damage to a home.

where do I send a medicare claims form for dental surgery?

Medicare does not cover routine dental work in New York.

What does lasik MD have to offer?

"Lasik MD surgery claims to be the most effective surgery at the lowest price. They have performed many surgeries (over 500,000) and they also have a 20/20 vision guarantee."

What happened to Cody rhodes face?

rey mysterio kicked in a match with his knee and cody claims he need reconstructive surgery

What are the advantages of minimally invasive surgery?

There are a few advantages of minimally invasive surgery. This method claims to be less painful and less scaring. It's said to have a higher accuracy rate. In addition there is a shorter hospital stay.

Is infertility considered preexisting?

any medical condition that you received medical treatment, including prescription medications may be considered pre existing depending on the wording of your pre existing clause of your insurance. There must be a valid medical diagnosis attached to your medical services. New insurance companies will pend all claims for new insured and send questionaires to all previous treating physicians to check on reasons for being seen.

Where in the Pacific Asia does Aus aid give help too?

It mainly focuses on the Fiji islands as the organisation claims this area to be in worst condition.

How can you get back deposit from landlord?

If you left the property in the same condition as when you moved in, the landlord has no right to keep your deposit. You can take him to small claims court.

Does homeowners insurance allow retroactive claims?

Preexisting Home DamageMost states only allow a maximum 2 year delay in filing a claim.There is no such thing as a retroactive claim. Homeowners Insurance policies "Do Not" cover preexisting damage and the claim should be filed with the Insurance company that was covering the home at the time the damage occurred.Other answersMost do however it depends upon the claim and what state you are in. Also the period of time cannot usually be over 12 months.

Should Claims about single individuals should be treated as an Equivalent claims a Negative claims a Affirmative claims or none of the them?

Claims about single individuals should be treated as A claims or E claims. pg 254 in your textbook

What is the highest condition that makes Antarctica?

Antarctica claims many 'highest' conditions as a continent, including:coldestwindiestdarkestdriesticiesthighest

Can a health insurance plan back charge you on your past claims for canceling?

Not normally if you were properly insured when you made the claims. Unless there is some special condition set in your terms of insurance when you started it. And for example, there could be difficulty if it is found you did not provide full information when you started.

Is 0ne year the waiting period for non treatment on pre existing medical condition?

If you have had treatment in the six months before you join a new group health plan, then the new plan can refuse to pay claims for that condition for one year.

What are examples of small claims from the health insurance provider?

An example of a case against a health insurance provider is the death of a child following a doctor incorrectly prescribing a surgery. The small claims case is attempting to pay for the costs of the visitation of a infertility clinic and the birth of another child equaling $7200 dollars.

What are existential claims?

Existential claims are those philosophical claims which originate from individual experience.

Where can one read reviews of LASIK eye surgery?

When looking for reviews on LASIK eye surgery then it may be possible to find a review on interest on the internet as there are many websites that offer reviews on the subject. The health section of UK based Daily Mail online website offers a review on LASIK eye surgery and documents that woman claims to regret having the LASIK surgery. Other websites such as Real Self and All About Vision also offer reviews that may be of interest.

Are Electronic claims edited to a higher standard than paper claims?

Are electronic claims edited at a higher standard than paper claims

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