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Congratulations on losing 95 pounds!

At 45 yrs old you will not be able to get rid of the belly fat as quick as a 25 yr old. 10 months is not really all that long. Physically the belly and the bum are the last places we lose the fat from.

Make sure you are eating healthy - and not "starving" yourself. If you suddenly stop eating food, your body's natural response is that it thinks you are in a famine and automatically stores every single calorie it can find. It can do this by slowing your digestion to ensure all vitamins and calories are absorbed. Eating small amounts frequently ensures that this doesn't happen.

You also need to focus on your stomach muscles. General exercise ensures that you lose weight. Then you need to "tone" the problematic part of your body. Exercises such as sit-ups will focus on strengthening that particular part.

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2013-02-28 02:10:01
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Q: If you've lost 95 pounds in 10 months how can you lose the unsightly belly fat if workouts or starving have not helped and you're 45?
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