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If you 17-years-old and your boy frind is 19-years-old and want to keep the baby what can you do legally?



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So far what I have read about keeping a baby when you are underaged is that you have the same rights that a adult has over the baby. You can keep it if you want to. Especially scince you'll probably be 18 sooon anyway. Each state is different so if i were you I'd get in contact with the state by calling a court house or the police station and ask them what you should do. Talk to more then one person of authority to clarify that what they say is true. Sometimes people can mix up laws even people of the law. So ask to talk to three or four different people. Get in contact with police,court house,lawyers, judges etc... To find out the basis of what you should do next. You dont have to do anything legally. You just keep the baby. If he is telling you that he doesnt want the baby that is his choice to but your decision as the mother is top priority here. Now understand you will probably struggle financially because it sounds like he's not going to be there to help you out. Go today to the health department of your county and sign up for the WIC program. Women Infants and Children is a program to give the pregnant mom prenatal help and help with food to keep you healthy, then once the baby is born and 5 years there after they give you help with food for the baby and check ups. Having a child is a big decision but understand that your whole life is going to change. It may seem easy but its not. Children are gifts and should be taken care of properly and if you may not be able to do that, there are people out there that would give the baby a good home. I know its easier said then done but you do have options. You could become a surrogate and all your bills will be paid for. Go to Family Planning in probably the same building as WIC program, they can help you.