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The best thing you ever did for her was dump her! I hate to mess with your brain, but yes, this girl is finally happy and if you would take the time to clear the cobwebs out of your head you can well imagine why. Would you like to be abused and dumped? I don't think so! I hope she keeps going because it's obvious she doesn't need you anymore. I also hope you learn from this experience and don't continue to abuse women. When in doubt put yourself in that person's shoes.


Sounds to me like she has gotten over you. Her emotions for you were probably intense but filled with pain. Since it sounds like it was too painfull for her to love you, the love went to hate then indifference.Once you break a persons heart and they begin to heal, they will usually never feel the same for you. Its too hard to get those feelings back when a person abuses you. I wouldn't expect any calls from her or anything. Consider yourself fortunate if she even says hi to you. But yes Marcy is right, you did her a favour by dumping her.

  • first of all why do you care? You dumped her and abused her. Leave her alone. She is probably trying to be happy and forget you You broke her heart. And she deserves to find peace in her life. She is not going to isolate herself forever and cry over you for the rest of her life. She knows she is a good catch and deserves better treatment then what you have given her. You should be ashamed of yourself for mistreating her - she should have left you. But if you care about her even a little, you should apologize to her, because there is a good chance that one day you will get a taste of your own medicine.
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Q: If you abused and dumped your ex a month ago and she was crying and said you broke her heart and she hated you why does she now appear happy or is this just a show she's putting on?
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