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Slim to none.

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What are the chances of a women becoming pregnant if she started the pill on the first day of her period and had intercourse with no ejaculation on the fourth day of her period still on the pill?

Not likely

What are the odds of not selecting a club in a deck of fifty two cards?

One fourth of the deck (13 out of 52 cards) is clubs. So the chances of NOT getting a club are three out of four.

Can pregnancy symptoms start as early as the fourth day after conception?

Pregnancy symptoms do not start as early as the fourth day after conception. If a couple is trying to conceive or a woman is worried about getting pregnant pseudo pregnancy symptoms can occur at anytime.

Is Victoria beckham pregnant?

Apparently she is with her and David's fourth child

What words have g as the fourth letter?

Dude She's Pregnant.....

In football how many chances does a team have to get 10 yards?

You get up to four (4) chances. But in most cases teams punt on fourth (4th) down.

When does Bella have a kid?

Bella falls pregnant and has a child in the fourth book.

Can you get a woman pregnant on the second third fourth ejaculations?

Yes, of course.

Can I have a period at 5 months and still be pregnant?

Yes I would have to say because when I was pregnant for my third son I had one until my fourth month and I knew I was pregnant in my second.

Angelina Jolie is she pregnant again?

We don't know, but a tabloid reported to have seen her looking slightly pregnant. This has sparked speculation that she maybe pregnant with her fourth biological child.

How do you type and print on your computer?

hi my name is chyna and a fourth gareder getting you readdy for fourth grade

How should a woman behave when pregnant?

A women will be irritable when she is pregnant. The hormones cause mood changes. This usually subsides during the fourth month.

What happens in the fourth book of twilight?

What happens in the fourth book of the twilight saga is that Bella gets pregnant and the baby is half human and half vampire.

I had my period on September fourth when will i ovulate?

Yes - there's a high chance you could be pregnant

Is a rectangle a special triangle?

Possibly a pregnant one, having grown a fourth side!

Is Anna duggar pregnant with her fourth child?

Yes she is. A few days ago they announced it.

Is iCarly getting a fourth season?

iCarly has five seasons

What do you do after getting the fourth badge?

Go to petalburg and fight your dad

What are 5 ways to score in a game of rounders?

In order to score in a game of RounderÍs you will have to do different things. Like reaching and touching the fourth post before the next ball bowels, getting to the fourth post with no balls, reaching the fourth post without getting hit by a ball or get hit backwards when the fourth post is touched.

In the Twilight series does Bella get pregnant?

Yes she does. With Edward's baby in Breaking Dawn, the fourth book.

Can you eat butter or margarine when pregnant?

yes this is my third pregnancy fourth child and I have ate it with all of them.

What book does edwrd and bella get married?

Edward and bella get married in the fourth book when he gets her pregnant.

What are the ratings and certificates for Getting On - 2013 Born on the Fourth of July 1-1?

Getting On - 2013 Born on the Fourth of July 1-1 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:6

When does a pregnant women start to show?

A pregnant woman starts to show during her third month. You can show sooner if you are already fat before you get pregnant. Most women show during their fourth month also.

A woman who has been pregnant four times and given birth three times to viable infants would be?

She would be the mother of three and, possibly, still pregnant with the fourth.