If you already have a surrogate mother how much will it cost to get your embryo implanted?

It really depends on the clinic. You will first need to pay for medical screening for the surrogate and her husband (or partner) to make sure they are capable of carrying a child and have no STD's. Then you will need to have them go through psychological screening to make sure they are mentally healthy. Next you will need to draw up a contract and then you can purchase the medications that she would need to take to prepare her for the transfer.

For everything it could cost anywhere from 50-100,000 that includes the surrogates compensation.

In addition to what was said above, essentially, you are looking at an IVF cycle using own eggs. Here is a link to to MedVacation page that talks about www.themedvacation.com/surrogate-mother-ivf-cost The cost of this IVF cycle will still vary. You also need to consider the costs of IVF drugs used to stimulate the egg donor. Those costs outside the U.S. may vary between $1,500 and $2,500.