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If you and a boy are laughing and playing together what is he thinking about?


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If you`re a boy that means he likes to be your friend...

If you`re a girl that means he maybe likes you...

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In the term, "laughing boy", the word "laughing" is an adjective describing the noun"boy".

Laughing Boy - song - was created in 1962.

Laughing Jack or Laughing Jack was an imaginary friend to a little boy.

Laughing Boy - 1934 was released on: USA: 13 April 1934

It means that he has a mad giggle crush on you, sweetcheeks! You should totally invite him over to watch New Moon tomorrow night!

He's either laughing with you or laughing at you. Get it? Got it? Good.

And pooped in his pants?

Most likely not. You could be thinking of anyone at any given moment. Most likely they won't be thinking of you.

No, the verb "laughing" is not being used as a noun, it's an adjective.

He is thinking about absoloutley nothing but you.

If you dream about a boy you like, that just simply means that you like him. It does not mean that he is thinking or dreaming about you. It means you have feelings for him at the moment, but it does not mean that you are destined to be together or that you are soul mates or anything else. Contrary to what you might hear, it does not mean that he is thinking about you.

He is probably thinking how he could ask you out. Or when he could ask you out. Or he is thinking about telling you or not.

I am irked with that boy. He keeps on laughing for no reason.

Actions lead to consequences or how some believe, "Karma". Example: a boy bullied a girl. When the girl moved to another country, the boy was being bullied instead. You've admit that you were the one laughing at him--why were you laughing at him for? You should've been aware that your actions would've come around the corner and it did. Being careless can lead to trouble or it was a coincidence that you got in trouble for laughing at the boy because of his misfortunes. Because you laughed at him, he responded back in the same manner towards you. You both simply gave each other more fuel to grow the bonfire. It's known that laughing at another's misfortune can end up being your misfortune and they'll be the ones laughing at you.

Laughing is a verb form from the verb, to laugh. It is either a present participle, which is used as an adjective or a gerund which is used as a noun or a progressive verb form.Examples (particple) : The laughing boy jumped up and down with glee. (gerund) : Laughing is good therapy. (verb) : We were all laughing at the funny clown.

there is not a way of 'girl thinking' or 'boy thinking' this is not really a question tbh

I'm thinking that your thinking of "The Last Airbender". *But not for sure*

When they don't have a humungus grin, when they kinda look down, when they half-smile, and to test it say, "Ummmmm" a little bit akwardly and if they say nothing or something sweet they are serious and if they burst out laughing saying no! or nah, or it was a dare then they are playing

With your friend just be honest, talk about stuff and adventually move on to boys and say that you like him, with the boy talk to him and find out what he likes, keep talking to him and give him some hints (laughing,playing with hair,bitting lip,ect)

you could give off subtle hints. This could be flirting such as playing "footsie" or laughing at your jokes. you could also become very "touchy" such as putting their arm around you or giving you hugs.

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