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3 years at least Hon, sorry to say, but you're not listening to the one magic word he said to you "friend." What he is saying is he cares for you as a friend, but doesn't love you like a lover. As painful as it is for you hold your head up high, get out with your friends and keep busy and start dating other guys.

2007-05-12 09:37:03
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Watz a good name for your boyfriend?

As in pet names? It really depends on what your relationship is with himm. My boyfriend and I were best friends before we started dating, so I feel odd calling him "babe"or something like that. But if you feel comfortable calling him Baby, or Honey, or something along those lines, then go for it.

Do you have the right to be angry at your boyfriend calling your best friend baby?

Not really

How do I know if my boyfriend really loves me?

He won't ditch you for his friends

What do you do when your boyfriend chooses friends over you?

if your boyfriend chooses friends over you, you know its time for a.......... IM REALLY SORRY but its time for a break up. =C

What do you do when your best friend goes out with your ex boyfriend that you still have feelings for and they both know it?

Make new friends and try to move on. -i can't because all of my friends are friends with her too! and i really really like this guy!! and he has admitted to me before that he still has feelings for me some too!

What can you do about women calling your boyfriend all the time But in his mind they are just old friends but you call them friends because at one time he did have sex with them years ago But myse?

when women are calling your men from time to time there is somethimg wrong .Do not blame only the women may be your prince charming is a really need to spend a quality time with boyfriend pick up te phone and speak with them that's all.

Signs of a cheating boyfriend?

leaving a lot calling some one and if he really is cheating smack the hell out of her and him

None of your friends like your boyfriend and they all say hes mean should you break up with him?

Heck nooooo!! Who cares what your friends think. My friends didnt like my boyfriend either but i didnt care. If they are really your friends and care about you they will let you be with whoever makes you happy. Unless hes mean to you but just talk to your boyfriend if he is really being mean to them.

What should you do if your friends don't believe in your boyfriend?

well i would tell him what your freinds said, then i would get together with your boyfriend and your friends and make sure that he acts REALLY nice.

How can you trust your boyfriend after you caught him calling a chat number?

Well if you and him really love each other and you should trust him and if he really loves you he would not cheat on you

Is it weird to be 14 years old and have never had a boyfriend before?

Not really, you can get a boyfriend whenever you want, my sister had her first boyfriend when she was 21

Why do you want a boyfriend?

You want a boyfriend because maybe some of your friends or people in your class have one and it looks really fun to be in a relationship

What do you do if your friends boyfriend likes someone else and your friend really likes the guy and you know who your friend's boyfriend likes?

tell your friend

What if your boyfriend told all his friends that he didnt like you but he really did?

Well, his friends probably think your uncool and if he's your boyfriend, you should talk with him. It doesn't matter what they think, it matters what he thinks.

Do girls really care about how many friends a guy has?

Well,Im A girl.And my boyfriend is super cute and nice but doesn't have Alot of friends and I really don't care.

What does it mean when your boyfriend spends more time with his friends than you?

maybe he just wants his friends to know that he has a girlfriend , but he really does not like you.

Who should you believe if your boyfriend says he's not talking to his ex but you hear from all her friends that he is?

You should belive your boyfriend if you really love him and have trust in him.

How do you scare your boyfriend?

Tell him you're pregnant by another guy before your boyfriend and the baby is not his.That will really scare him.

How do I chose between my boyfriend and my friends?

You can always find another boyfriend but you cant find another best friend or friends like that. which one is wortth it and if they really where friends putting you in this position.If you have to "choose" there is a problem. Real friends would never make you choose. Try to include them in what you and your boyfriend do. If your boyfriend doesn't like the idea of your friends meeting out with you than maybe you shuld take a real look at this guy and see if losing your friends is worth it.

What do you say when your best friends boyfriend asks you if your best friend is playing him even when she really is?


How can you tell a guy you want to be friends nothing more?

Start off with, Can I talk to you I like you alot but not as a boyfriend could we just be friends. Then ask if he was upset. If he is say he is say I'm really sorry but It is weird having a friend as a boyfriend. I'm really sorry. :(

What do you do when your boyfriend is jealous of your male friends?

There are a few options: 1. If you really do like your boyfriend, tell him so, along the lines of "They're my friends, but you're who I really like/love [insert lovey-dovey stuff]." 2. If you feel offended by the fact that your boyfriend doesn't trust you, talk it out, possibly dump him. 3. If you're desperate and/or stupid, drop your friends. But remember: Friends are more important that guys! 4. Get a new guy.

How can you convince your boyfriend to stop being friends with all of his ex?

you really cant... what i would do is talk to him.. tell him that you are not very comfortable with him being friends with his exes... if he really likes you then he would understand?

Can my boyfriend be faithful to me if he cheated before?

If he REALLY loves you then yes. But theres no garentee.

What does it mean when your boyfriend doesn't call forever?

Many guys don't really think about calling unless they have a specific reason to call. Other guys don't call because they got what they wanted from you and are moving on. If you had sex for the first time right before he stopped calling, he's a jerk and you can find better.