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Grow up and don't drink so much! When you split from someone they are free to date whom they want and you both had equal opportunities to so, so get over it! Be mature and realize that there must be something that attracted each of you to the other yet once again and just enjoy the ride. This time communicate more and learn from your past mistakes.

2013-02-27 22:51:10
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I dreamed that my ex boyfriend cheated on me..why?

maybe because you have trust issues w/ your boyfriend

What do you do if your boyfriend thinks you have control issues?

Since your boyfriend is supposed to be one of the people who know you best, maybe he has a point: maybe you really do have control issues. If you do, decide for yourself whether you want to change or whether you're ok with having them. If you want to change, ask your boyfriend for help with it. If you find you don't have such issues, tell your boyfriend you really don't think you do. If he insists, ask him to tell you whenever you're doing something that shows your control issues. Then watch what you're doing when he tells you and see if maybe he's right, then see above. In the end, you should be fine as long as you take the matter seriously and try to find a solution working together with your boyfriend.

Is it okay for your girlfriend to work for her ex boyfriend?

If it okay for your girlfriend to work for her ex boyfriend as long as both of them have truly moved on, and as long as you feel okay about it. If you feel that them working together will cause issues, you should be honest and discuss your feelings with her.

You keep dreaming of your ex boyfriend?

Unresolved issues.

When your boyfriend says you are cheating when your not does dat mean he has sumething to hide or does he have trust issues?

Trust issues.

What does it mean when you dream your ex boyfriend dies?

Unresolved issues?

Should you tell your boyfriend that you were talking too his friend about the issues in the relationship?

yes. you should definitely tell him about that. Especially because he was his friend. there is a possibility for your boy friend to get hurt if his friend ( not purposely. but may be accidentally) tells him about u asking about the relationship issues. It will make the situation worst.

What should you do if you and your boyfriend have trust issues?

If you and your boyfriend have trust issues, then you should probably break up of try to figure out why you don't trust each other. I sincerly hope I helped. : ) Good Luck!

What do you if you and your boyfriend broke up because of family issues?

kill'em kill'em

Why your boyfriend brings issues up from your past?

My Guess is to Make you upset

What does it mean when you dream your girlfriend is sleeping with your boyfriend?

jealousy and abandonment issues!

This is the first time in nine years that you an your boyfriend broke up will you be back together?

What's more important is the issue(s) that caused the breakup. Unless both people want to be together and resolve those issues, the same problems will reoccur. If your boyfriend no longer feels the attraction and compatibility that he previously had with you, there's little chance he will change his mind about the breakup.

What do you do if your boyfriend as anger issues?

leave him asap he may take it out on you if he already hasn'y

What can you do when your boyfriend best friend is a girl and she has had issues with you?

ignore her or tell her to back off

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Your boyfriend has anger issues and is violent and paranoid controlling and lies?


What are human relations concepts?

Human relations concepts important especially in the work place. How people interact with each other and address issues with one another to work together is a factor with human relations.

Why does my boyfriend of over a year never take my photo even when we vacation together and yes I am photogenic?

My guess is that he ulitimately has committment issues... most likely a photo is around forever (most people don't toss pics)

What does it mean if you have a dream that your boyfriend is trying to kill you and your family?

If you have a dream that your boyfriend is trying to hurt you and your family it doesn't necessarily mean he is going to to do that, maybe you have trust issues with him.

What does it mean when your boyfriend does not want to solve issues that goes on in your relationship but walks around like everything is ok?

He could be in denial of there being any issues at all

Why does your boyfriend look at your phone all the time?

Sounds to me, that he does not trust you, or he could have jealousy issues going on.

What does it mean to dream that you are beating up your boyfriend?

You have some issues with him I suggesst you address. Be honest with yourself.

What does it mean I dream of killing my boyfriend and not meaning it?

You had some really bad past issues with him idk