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if you like him then take him back

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Im in a perdicatment what if your friend is doing this thing with your other friend and your other friend tells you he wants your friend to do that thing differently but you dont want to?

Tell your male friend to do his own dirty work. He is a big boy and can tell your other friend what he wants and how he wants it done. You do not want to be in the middle.

What if your friend wants you to hook him up with your other friend but you are nerves should you?

(its nervous not nerves) If you like the boy then go for it...Your friend wouldn't just set you up with anyone right!?

If your friend wants you to ask a guy if he likes her should you ask him?

If she really wants to know she should ask him herself.

What does it mean if a girl say she wants you to be her friend not boy friend?

She means she wants you two to be company for each other and close, but not romantic.

What do you do when your best friend wants to ask out your ex?

if he was your ex you should be over him. If your not over him you should tell your friend or try to get him back.

What should my friend do if his girlfriend started kissing another boy but now she isn't with him anymore and she wants to talk again with my friend who still likes her should he phone her?

* Your friend may still like her, but if he is smart he will stay away from her. What she did to him by kissing the other boy hurt him deeply and this will happen again. She is on the rebound, meaning the other guy she was with probably dumped her and she wants your friend to be with her again. He can do much better by finding a girlfriend that will be more loyal to him and he should tell her to take a hike.

If your boy friend wants to kiss you but your not in the mood what should you do?

You could start talking or just turn your head or other things like that.

Should you ask your good friend out?

It depends. If you are good friends, and your friend just wants to be friends, than no. If you like each other in a different way, yes. how do you know if you like each other in a different way

What does it mean when a guy friend says tht you should go out with another one of your guy friends?

Well, it depends. I mean is the "other" guyfriend that person's friend? It could mean that he wants you to get closer to his friend OR that he likes you and he wants you to go out with his friend so he could get closer to you, but ya know, all guys are different.

What should you do if a girl you like says she wants to be friends and shes wants to talk to you?

See what she wants but don't get your hopes up. Be a friend and help her.

You are in 6th grade your friend who likes the same girl as you do wants to do her what should you do?

Wants to do her>?Arnt you a little young for that? Wants to do her>?Arnt you a little young for that?

A friend wants a condom but then she doesn't what should she do?

if shes dating anyone, she should keep the condom!

My friend likes a guy who says he likes her back a little but he likes this other girl a lot more and my friend wants to know what she should do?

Nothing. You can't make someone like you. Either he wants to be with her or he doesn't. She'll just have to wait and see or move on.

What should I do when my friend doesn't want me to have other friends?

tell her that she can't control who you are friends with but all that she wants is just to always be your best friend (don't tell her the stuff in bold its just her reason) =]

What should you do about you and your guy friend liking each other not going out and you only see each other at school?

I have the same problem if he likes you then if he doesn't then he just wants to stay friends.

What does your dream mean when you dream that one of your old friends said that she wouldn't go to your funeral if you died but your other friend said that she still wants to be your friend?

Your brain is trying to tell you that this so-called "friend" of yours doesn't really like you and you should stay away from her. And about your other friend, continue to be her friend because her friendship is genuine.

What should you do when your friend wants to break up w her bf and wants advice from you What should you tell her?

You tell her to do what she thinks is best for her and only she can decide what is best for her relationship.

How can you tell if a woman is torn between two guys but is with the other guy and she still talks to you and wants to be a friend?

If she has made her choice with the other person and wants to just be your friend that would indicate she is not torn between these two people but letting the friend down easy by saying she will still talk to you and be your friend.

Your friend shaved his armpits and wants you to do the same Should you?

Absolutely, do it; you will never know if you like something until you try it. Just because it is what your friend wants to do doesn't mean that you should too. Why does he want you to do it? You should do it only if you really want to and not because somebody asks you to.

My best friend really wants to dump her boyfriend but he is a good mate she asked for my advice what do i tell her?

If your friend wants to dump him she should. but if she fells that way about him, maybe they should get back together later on. hope this advice works! amw

What does is mean if a girls best friend tells you to ask her out?

It means that her friend thinks you should ask her out. Not only that, there are generally two other possibilities. One of them is that her best friend knows that she's gonna say yes. The other is that her best friend wants to see you embarass yourself. But usually its the first one.(And I know this by experience)

If your boyfriend is not talking with you and talking with your friend or other girls what should you do?

make conversation wiv him and spend more time wiv him cause dats all he wants

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