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I don't think it is a big deal. The only exception to that would be if it were agreed that during the break, that you and your girlfriend were supposed to abstain from seeing or being with others. Otherwise if she take the chance of letting you go, she must accept the consequences.

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Does anyone want a good boyfriend or knows how to get a girlfriend?

You get girlfriend by joking around with girl and smile alot around her I know I used to have girlfriend and using this method to get another one

Does tweetybird have a girlfriend?

THAT IS NOT FUNNY TO SAY THAT HE IS GAY FIRST OF ALL! But he does have a girlfriend. If you watch the whow where he is traveling around the world, you will see that he finds another canary. So.....HE NOT GAY! ♥

When a man starts a new relationship yet he is playing around with another girlfriend and she knows about it but the new girlfriend is kept in the dark?

He doesn't particularly want to be with the new girlfriend if he can't let go of the other. This is commonly known as a player.

Why are you nervous around your girlfriend?

What does your girlfriend do to make you nervous?

Another person kissed my girlfriend on the cheek?

Depending on wether you see the person around you girl friend most of the time then the guy must love your girlfriend,but if not it was just a friendly kiss.

How do you get rid of jealousy?

Well, their are different kinds of jealousy 1-friends 2-popular crowds 3-boyfriend and girlfriend. Friends-just pretend like the persons not there Popular Crowds- just stay true to yourself, you're probably better than them in one way or another Boyfriend&Girlfriend- if your boyfriend is hanging around another girll, just tell him how you feel. if your girlfriend is hanging around another boy, tell her how you feel.

How long do guys generally wait to ask a girl to be their girlfriend?

As long as it takes to feel comfterble around one another.

How do I know if my girlfriend is uncomfortable around me?

To know if your girlfriend is uncomfortable around you, if she disproves the things you do around her. You can also know by asking her.

What do you do when your girlfriend leaves to another state but still wants to be with you?

Brilliant, Play around, your young, so go and have as much sex as possible.

What does it mean when your girlfriend cheated on you and was pregnant by another guy?

That you are either a saint or an idiot if you stick around. Sorry to be so blunt, but REALLY!

What should you do if a boy dumps you but still likes you and wants to stay friends?

Well you should be friends with him and try to be comfertable around him but iahve to warn you it will get very akward to be around him if he gets another girlfriend or lets ay you get another boyfriend

What to do with girlfriend if she have another BF?

leave her. i mean she's obviously not serious at this point in her life and is being nieve and playing around with every boy..

What should you do if you messed around with your ex and he has a girlfriend?

If you didn't know he had a girlfriend tell him off. Why would he want to fool around with you if he already has a girlfriend. Also you might want to tell the girlfriend , she has a right to know what her boyfriend has been doing.

How do you fool around with your girlfriend?


What if you barely met the guy but asks if you want to be his girlfriend?

If you don't know the guy then you shouldn't rush into the relationship. Only get involved with him if you're comfortable being around him and truly want to be with him. DON'T be his girlfriend merely for the joy of saying that you have a boyfriend. My advice? Get to know him better and learn more about him.

How do you not be shy around your girlfriend in the 6th grade?

Just get use to being around your girlfriend once your use to it your not going to be shy no more (this is my opinion)

Should i get involved with someone who cut your friend?

No. A person who cuts someone else is not a person to be around and this is really true if they hurt a friend. This person has a problem and the more involved you become with them the apt you are to be another person they will hurt.

What grouops of people were involved with transportation of 1850?

who ever was around was involved

Is drunken verbal abuse still abuse?

Yes. And plan leaving. There's no point in staying around if someone is going to be that way.

What did people do for a living in Chicago around 1900's?

They became prostitutes to drunken cowboys. It all worked out real nice.

How do do people get involved in gangs?

They get involved by the influence around them! If the people around you are in gangs and involved in drugs then you are likely to become involved as well. BE CAREFUL who you hang out with! You dont want to be the one that ends up hurt!

What should you do to get your girlfriend away from another guy?

You could just simply explain to her how it makes you feel when she is around him. Don't try and tell her what to do - you cannot force her or control her.

Does cliff compton have a girlfriend?

I don't think he does because he is to busy and he won't be able to be around his girlfriend.

What do you do when a guy puts his arm around you and he has a girlfriend?

you say, " so hows it goin' between you and your girlfriend?" .

How do you find beautiful girlfriend?

look around